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multiple drivers will not load/xp/dimension 2400

Discussion in 'Software' started by perturbed, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. perturbed

    perturbed Private E-2

    I have a dell dimension 2400 that I think is going kaput. I've had to format one drive twice and an alternate drive once (merely to test that the first hard drive wasn't the issue.) My primary problem and reason for my first reinstall was an OS hanging issue probably due to some hardware conflict somewhere - various solutions such as safe mode, repairing install and fixboot would not work (scared to use fixmbr without first checking all my options.)

    Three soft formats later and both of my hard drive installs are ticking my ethernet adapter, among other devices, with a question mark. As an example, I've used the OEM disks provided for the 3com 4011 integrated ethernet controller, selected the appropriate driver and ended up with a code 10 on it. I boot to safe made and check all the hidden devices for obvious conflicts but no such luck, there are no other NICs installed on my PC and the rest cannot be removed ("you need this device to boot" message on uninstall attempt")

    Does anyone know where I can find out which resources my device wants to use?

    quick edit: it is XP
    could it be a ghost device driver sucking up resources from a previous install?

    question the third: HAAALP! according to the utility partition manager my system is in full working order (ha.)

    many thanks for your gratuitous help.

    EVEREST report: http://www.mediafire.com/?nlg3yiyy12g
  2. perturbed

    perturbed Private E-2

    Problem solved. I uninstalled my (add-on) ATI graphics card and that 56k modem(who uses those anyway?) , rebooted and used my OEM disks to install the drivers which were missing. Downloading crucial updates now. Leave this open just in case I have problems installing my ATI card or close and I'll make a new post about that if it happens.

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