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My computer wont stop typing!!! Plz Help!!!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by turkuno, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. turkuno

    turkuno Private E-2

    I will cut straight to the point. My computer will not stop typing in any area, including mozilla, word etc. When I go to the area where you can type something it will not stop typing continuous 1's ex. 11111111111111111. And sometimes the window screen in my firefox browser will be stuck in the bottom position, meaning I cant scroll the window up. Also the toggle key window keeps popping up and asking me if I want to turn on the toggle keys, I always respond with the cancel button. I tried what I could with the computer, checking for viruses, ad aware, reading the major geeks malware removal guide and doing what I can, although I was restriced due to the fact i just cant type website names on the browser and get additional programs. All scans came back clean. I am currently using another computer to get this message on here.

    I have tried multiple keyboards and mouses, so that is not the problem. I tried everything I now about computers and that is availible to me on that computer. So finally I took the easy way out and reformatted the hard drive and wiped it out. I thought this should help and get rid of what ever is causing my headaches. Of course this did not work, I still have the same problems with the 1111111111's and the toggle keys window. Also I have reformatted this computer in the past with the same recovery cd and had no problems.

    Now I am thinking it could be a hardware issue within the computer. I did notice when I start up the computer I hear a wierd sound coming from inside of the computer. Dont know how to really explain it, but is sounds like it is coming from the processor. However the sound does not last and stops after about 3 - 5 seconds at the start up.

    I truly apoligize for this lengthy post. I know this is the malware removal section and now I think it might be hardware. However I got no where else to go. Please any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. chaslang

    chaslang MajorGeeks Admin - Master Malware Expert Staff Member

    Sorry but this is a hardware issue. I'm going to move this to the Hardware Forum for you.
  3. sach2

    sach2 Major Geek Extraordinaire

    This is a desktop PC? You have tried a regular wired PS2 (not USB) keyboard?

    Because of the reformat, I can't imagine it could be anything but the keyboard.

    What OS are you using?
  4. Senlis

    Senlis Staff Sergeant

    Is this a laptop PC?
  5. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member


    From the sounds of your description that noise at bootup and its origin at the CPU could mean the Heat Sync Fan is on its way out, had this happen on one PC a few years back startedup with a type of grinding/spinning noise, then after a short while stopped.

    This could cause heat issues as the fan is not running at capacity, this in turn can cause weird issues, but wouldnt think that a keyboard issue and the fact that you have tried many different ones would be the cause, I would be suspecting a motherboard fault.

    So to try and test this, are you plugging the keyboard into a PS2 or USB slot, if USB then if you have a PS2 keyboard or adapter for USB > PS2 then plug it into that slot, if its USB then try other USB ports on your PC.
  6. studiot

    studiot MajorGeek

    How did you manage to give the reformat commands if the keyboard/ mouse wasn't working?

    Disconnect everything (hard drive, CD, Floppy, usb etc.) except the keyboard, mouse and screen. Take out all cards, except graphics if used.

    Now does the system boot to the bios (tap del key at switchon) and can you use the keyboard and mouse?
  7. turkuno

    turkuno Private E-2

    Sorry for the delay guys for writing back.

    Thanks chaslang for moving my post.

    sach2 - Yes it is a desktop computer. I am using a PS2 keyboard and the problems with the typing even occurs when the mouse and keyboard is unplugged. I am using Win Xp

    Halo - I have tried both usb and ps2 keyboards. I also used an adaptor to plug the usb keyboard into the ps2 slot. Again the problem still occurs when I have the keyboard and mouse unplugged.

    studiot - The keyboard and mouse do work. The problem with the 1's sometimes occur only after a couple of minutes after booting up. The problem with the continuous typing also occurs immediately after booting. Therefore it took several attempts to get the commands into the reformat.
    I will attempt your recommendation of removing and unplugging all cards and then trying to use the keyboard.

    I thank all you for your responses. Any more advise based on what I wrote would be great.

  8. turkuno

    turkuno Private E-2


    I just booted up the computer without doing anything to the computer. I did NOT hear the loud noise during the start of the boot up and the problem with the uncontrollable typing is not happening. I guess the problem is with the heat sink and the fan, which might be causing this typing problem. I will shut down and restart the computer several times and see if I get the noise. If I do get the sound from the cpu and also get the problem with the continous typing, there must be a direct relation between the two. Let me know what you think.


    P.S. I typed this response with my computer, which is in question. I was able to type this without the 1's occuring. Weird.
  9. sach2

    sach2 Major Geek Extraordinaire

    I can only troubleshoot the possibility of a keyboard problem. If the problem reoccurs try going to Control Panel>Accessibility Options>Keyboard Tab>Check the box for Use Filter Keys and in Settings Check the circle Ignore Repeated Keystrokes. Then go to a place that would show the 1's, try and type something and see what happens.
  10. turkuno

    turkuno Private E-2

    I just restarted the computer and heard the same noise coming from the cpu. I then noticed the problem with the 1's, the firefox windows is stuck in the bottom of the screen and cant scroll up. Also a window keeps popping up and asking me if I want to turn on the toggle keys settings.

    sach2 - During the same start up when i experienced the above problem. I tried what you said, turning on the filter keys and changing the settings. The 1's now don't appear. It seems the computer wants to type the 1's, however with the filter key setting on it does not allow it. I could be wrong though. This is very weird. The only reason I think it is weird is because the 1's would appear even with the keyboard unplugged.

  11. studiot

    studiot MajorGeek

  12. sach2

    sach2 Major Geek Extraordinaire

    So I'm guessing XP is also getting a signal that you are hitting the SCROLL LOCK key repeatedly and is asking if you want an audible tone to warn you of this event. Some device is acting as a keyboard somewhere.

    In Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager under Keyboard and under Mouse do you have just one ordinary looking entry for each? Under Ports what COM ports are showing?
  13. turkuno

    turkuno Private E-2

    sach2- below is what is showing in device manager

    Keyboard - HID keyboard device
    HP PS2 keyboard (2K - 3)

    Mouse - HID-complaint (2 entries)

    Ports - Communication Port (COM 1)
    ECP Printer Port (LPT1)
  14. turkuno

    turkuno Private E-2

    1t1h1i1s1 1i1s1 1w1ha1a1t1s1 1h111p1p1e111i1n1g1 11n1o1w1

    this1is weird. what ca1n i do. 1 1you can see the ones in the typi1ng. 11 above is really bad.1 now1 1it is not as 1bad

    the window1 is also1 scroling down to the bottom on i1ts 1on.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2008
  15. studiot

    studiot MajorGeek

    So does the keyboard work in BIOS?
  16. sach2

    sach2 Major Geek Extraordinaire

    I'm thinking try turning off computer, unplugging it, take out the battery for 5 minutes and then putting it back in. Start it up and when prompted set BIOS to defaults. See if any change.

    If no change clear CMOS by moving the jumpers. If you give make and model of the PC we can get a diagram to show the jumper positions.

    I'm thinking that BIOS is supposed to relinquish control of the keyboard to the OS and some type of setting/corruption might be at fault since your problem occurs on a newly formatted XP and also using the XP boot disc. And it happens using multiple keyboards.

    Other than that maybe it is a CPU or motherboard fault that is beyond my ability to diagnose. By the way, this just started out of blue? One day you turned it on and 1's started appearing?
  17. turkuno

    turkuno Private E-2

    sach2 - The keyboard does work in the bios screen.

    You said take out the battery for 5 mins and put it back it. My computer is not a laptop. It is a HP media center pc m270n, desktop. Do you have the jumper position diagram?

    I tried something, let me know what you think. I disconnected my wife's computer and plugged it up to my monitor, on my desk. I did not use my keyboard or mouse. After about 5 mins. her computer started to show the 1's, which is very bizarre. The only thing on my set up that I used, with her computer, was my 19" LCD monitor. It doesn't make any sense.

    I am now typing this post with my computer, with no problems yet. I disconnected my dvi connection and now using the VGA connection. Now I guess I will wait and see what happens.
  18. sach2

    sach2 Major Geek Extraordinaire

    Hi, by battery I meant the watch type (quarter shaped disc) battery that keeps track of the computer's clock and when removed lets BIOS settings be forgotten so they go back to defaults. But since your last post about your wife's computer I don't think that is going to do much of anything towards resolving your problem.

    I'll think about this but am curious what others come up with regarding the monitor. Did you hook up your internet to your wife's computer?
  19. turkuno

    turkuno Private E-2

    sach2 - I did not hook my internet to her computer. My computer is wired directly to the wireless router and my wifes computer is wireless. When I hooked up her computer to my monitor, her computer remained connected to the internet with the wireless connection.
  20. sach2

    sach2 Major Geek Extraordinaire

    I've never heard of a monitor causing this sort of problem and can't see how it is even possible, yet it remains the only common link. Has the problem reoccurred on your computer when using the VGA connection? When you connected to your wife's did you use VGA or DVI connection? What model is your monitor on the off chance anyone else has reported this problem somewhere on the internet.
  21. studiot

    studiot MajorGeek

    twas me who asked actually.

    I take it you have properly proved the keyboard functions correctly with the BIOS and you are able to type stuff in eg in the password section.?

    This would suggest your hardware is fundamentally sound.

    So the next step is to see if it works properly in safe mode and work up from there.

    Also you can try another operating system, even setup on a windows CD will do.

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