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My fellow geeks I need your help

Discussion in 'Software' started by mastergeek, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. mastergeek

    mastergeek Private E-2

    Ok so here is the situation.

    Recently I had my harddrive act funny. It would go through the shutdown procedures and remain in a stasis mode, if you will. I would have to shut it down via the good old reset then power button. Here is what happened two days ago. The computer was left one all night via stasis. Afterwards, I shut it down then reboot about 3 hours later. It works and I do a quick shut down. Hour later, it doesn't boot and I get the blue screen of death with the error "Unrecognizeable volume" I cannot reformat, I cannot boot with a different OS. I cannot do anything.

    Is there anyway that I can recuperate the data that I have on the harddrive.

    The harddrive is a Maxtor, 20gb.
    The OS is Windows XP Pro.
    The computer 800mhz P3 with 373MB of ram.\

    If your wondering how I am able to communicate is that I bought a new harddrive and installed a fresh Windows XP Home edition. However, before any suggestions, I tried connecting the harddrive as a slave with the CS jumper configuration on the Maxter and tried to run windows xp home to see if I can use it as an extra drive and it gave me the blue screen of death.
  2. dlb

    dlb MajorGeek

    The first thing I would do, is jumper the drive (the crashing Maxtor drive) as master and put it on the 2nd IDE channel by disconnecting the CD/DVD drive(s) and connecting it alone. Then boot into your healthy Windows and see if you can access the drive. If you still get the BSOD, disconnect the drive, visit the manufacturer's web site (I think Seagate bought Maxtor) and download and run their extended diagnostic. These utilities usually offer to repair the drive (if it's repairable) when errors are found. Maybe boot to your Windows XP install CD, enter the Recovery Console and run chkdsk on the hard drive, maybe that will help. Lastly, you can boot to either a Knoppix Linux CD, or a BartsPE disc or the UBCD4Win, and try to access the drive that way to recover your data. All these are free, and the UBCD4Win will prove itself to be an invaluable tool.
    How to run chkdsk http://support.microsoft.com/kb/315265/en-us
    UBCD4Win http://www.majorgeeks.com/UBCD4Win_d5710.html
    UBCD4Win How-To http://www.ubcd4win.com/howto.htm
  3. mastergeek

    mastergeek Private E-2

    Ok here is the scoop:

    I tried doing the secondary ide without the a boot disc and it wouldn't run the HDD.

    I tried recovery and it gave me an stop error 0x00000024. It said that it was a blue screen of death and it advise deactivating antivirus, defrag and backup utilities. I could not get into it at all.

    I tried it with the XP OS CD and nothing.

    Anything else I can do.

    MS didn't give me a direct answer.

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