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My Gateway laptop keeps shutting itself off

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by nancyHEIDE, Oct 22, 2006.

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  1. nancyHEIDE

    nancyHEIDE Private E-2

    My computer (everything) completely turns off on its own. This always occurs when I am running a virus scan, whether it is one I initiate or one I have set to automatically run. I have the laptop plugged in to a power supply. I have a home network with two other home computers and a router. We connect to high-speed internet using the router. I run Windows XP Pro 2002 SP2, Intel Pentium 4HT, 3400 MHz, 1022 MB Total Physical Memory (52% used), 5022 MB Virtual Memory (18% used). (I am getting these numbers from AIDA32.)

    I normally do virus scans (McAfee purchased version and safety.live.com online weekly on my computer, less often on the other networked computers. They are acting up too, though not as predictably.

    I also have been getting a couple of errors while trying to shut down or restart: dwwin.exe - DLL initialization failed. Application failed to initialize because the windows station is shutting down. (This happens even though I haven't tried to open anything) and Adobe AcroRd32.exe - Application Error. The instruction "0x5ad71531" referenced memory at "0x00000014". The memory could not be "read".

    These problems began around October 14 AM.

    NOTE: I previously posted this message in the Malware Removal forum.

    QUOTE (Chaslang): "I will warn you right now that I doubt your problems are malware.

    You should not say that you do not have power problems unless you have physically opened up your laptop and measured all the voltages at appropriate points and then also check the voltages with an oscilloscope to make sure there are no noise spikes on the DC supplies. I'm not saying this is your problem, I just saying you cannot make that statement you made without having done this.

    You problems could even be due to overheating...

    For your shutdown issues (which I assume still happen), you should try posting in the Hardware Forum (maybe the Software Forum). You Event Logs (that someone should ask for) may include information on why it is shutting down."

    Which event logs do you want here? I am still new at this, any help much appreciated!!!
  2. Alventis

    Alventis Private E-2


    Try to launch Start -> Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer. In there, try to find some event(s) that would correspond to the shutdown occurrence. If there's something there, that might give you (or some geeks around here) some ideas as to what's going on.

    Alventis Universal Information Manager
  3. nancyHEIDE

    nancyHEIDE Private E-2

    I'm in the Event Viewer now. There are error messages and WARNINGS though in the 'Application' and 'System' folders. I have attached the logs of the errors and warnings.

    One in particular I am worried about it the Warnings in syserlog.txt about Windows Defender, reads as follows:

    One more thing I learned earlier today is the actual file that McAfee Virus Scan (paid version) is hanging up on: C:\I386\driver.cab Once the scan gets to this file, it seems to think about it for a while (45 seconds or so) and then the screen goes black and computer shuts off. No warnings or messages.

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  4. nancyHEIDE

    nancyHEIDE Private E-2

    I forgot to mention that I was able to select only the c:\i386\driver.cab file and successfully scan it with McAfee Virus Scan. It detected no problems.
  5. nancyHEIDE

    nancyHEIDE Private E-2

    I think this is a driver problem. I will post this thread in that forum.
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