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My mouse, keyboard, and monitor wont work!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by hebasquash, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. hebasquash

    hebasquash Private E-2

    So right now i am on a friend's comp. it all started when i started up my comp and i went away for 30 mins to do something, when i came back my comp was frozen...and i, being not very computer savy unplugged the surge protector power strip at the wall (while the computer was on). when i plugged it back in and pushed the on button my comp started up, but my monitor, mouse and keyboard did not. None of those are wireless and i know they are getting power (except the mouse). I have had HP tech help guide me though many different things, but in the end they say it is something wrong in the motherboard. I have a HP Pavillion a340n. I realy can not affford another comp at this time, what are my options on fixing this and how can i do it for cheap, or semi-cheap. Please, i need help. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

  2. rik_na

    rik_na Sergeant

    What do you mean the computer started up, what in BIOS, the OS? And how do you know the monitor and keyboard are powered, do you mean they have power lights?
  3. hebasquash

    hebasquash Private E-2

    So yes, i see the power lights flash on then they go off when i turn on the comp. and i dont know what thing it is set up in (ex. BIOS or OS) because i cant see anything on the monitor. people are saying it is a motherboard problem...can i replace that?
  4. rik_na

    rik_na Sergeant

    Short answer yes you can replace the motherboard, but this is a big and often expensive job, and you need to know what you are doing or get professional help. It is best to make sure first that you really do need a new mb and that it is not a different problem.

    What I meant was in relation to BIOS or OS, that the BIOS [usually] has a series of beeps [from an internal speaker] indicating the problems it has detected on boot up which relate to specific problems or hardware faliures. Sorry should have been more specific. Also, on my computers I have the sound channels set up seperately to the monitor, so if the monitor fails, I can still hear the OS [operating system] start up signature through the speakers. You can do the same thing by plugging a speaker into a 3.5mm jack on the mb or soundcard, i.e. the audio ports at the back of the computer.
  5. rik_na

    rik_na Sergeant

    I almost hesitate to ask but you have checked all the basic stuff, like the monitor cables are firmly attatched, the graphics card is seated properly and so on.

    Putting aside what else might be wrong for the moment and assuming the MB is broken, then I assume if the system you are using is a Pavillion a340n then I guess the mb you are talking about is a P4SD-LA which I think is made by ASUS.
  6. rik_na

    rik_na Sergeant

    Now I come to think about it, the P4SD-LA is an Asus board, but there is something strange with it like its an HP only mb, so it does not show as an ordinary Asus board. i.e. if you go the Asus site, they will not list this board, nor its bios updates, manual etc. But still Asus do make this board but I am guessing only for HP.

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