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my movie skips after burning why?

Discussion in 'Software' started by jaymil30, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. jaymil30

    jaymil30 Private E-2

    i use dvd flick. after the movie is done the picture skips in my dvd player. is there any thing i can do to fix this? i set the burn speed as low as i can (1x) and dont do anything else while i run dvd flick. it still ended up with a jumpy picture. any help would be appreciated, thanks:)
  2. dlb

    dlb MajorGeek

    :wave Welcome to Major Geeks! :major
    I used DVDFlick heavily for over a year and rarely had problems with the outcome. On the few occasions I did it was due to burning too fast (which you explained you don't do) or because I was using the PC (which you also don't do). First, I would check what programs are running in the background. Programs like McAfee and Norton are HUGE resource hogs and may be using up too many resources. Check the thread priority setting in DVD Flick and see if lowering it or raising it makes a difference (lowering it will cause conversions to take longer, but you may get better results esp. if you have McAfee or Norton or another resource hungry app running). Try using different blank DVDs. Try using DVDFlick for the conversion only, then burn the output file with a different program. Also check the frame rates of the original video file before converting to DVD. If possible, try to not change the standard of the video; for example: if the source file has a frame rate of 25fps then it is PAL compatible. Sometimes 'crossing over' from PAL to NTSC or vice versa can cause problems on older or cheaper 'no-name' home DVD players. Also check the PAL/NTSC settings of your DVD player. If you burned the video in NTSC format and the DVD player is set to playback in PAL format, you will have issues. Check your DVD player's manual (or the manufacturer's web site) for more info about the NTSC/PAL settings and playback compatibility on your particular unit.
    Good luck!

    (BTW- I rarely use DVD Flick anymore; I purchased WinAVI 8.0; it's MUCH faster when converting; I'll then burn the conversions with Nero or AShampoo 6; but I also have a DVD player that plays DivX/XViD/AVI files which does away with converting for the most part)
  3. thesmokingun

    thesmokingun MajorGeek

    try to play the movie after encoding but before burning it to make sure it's working correctly (one of the .vob files in the video_ts folder should play in windows media player or some other video player) that will let you know if its skipping before it's burned or after.
  4. dlb

    dlb MajorGeek

    yeah... I was gonna suggest that too.... however, DVDFlick's output file is an .ISO because it uses the bundled ImgBurn for the burning part of the application. In order to play the VOBs and/or IFOs, you'd need to extract the .ISO file to it's core components. This can be done with most decent 'zip' type programs like TUGzip, or you can mount the .ISO as a virtual drive using MagicDisc or Alcohol52 and play the movie that way and see if it's smooth on the PC....

    Do the burned movies play smoothly on your PC?
  5. sach2

    sach2 Major Geek Extraordinaire

    Just to throw everyone off, I was going to say I find that burning on too slow a speed gives me problems. I usually burn at 6-8x for movies but find that full speed 16x often works just as well.

    I try to use DVD-R for standalone DVD player movies because I believe DVD players prefer that file system buffer.

    I would go with Dlb's suggestion of try burning separately using something other than imgburn. It is definitely worth a try.

    Also, I've noticed that newer versions of DVDFlick have a default of Lower than Normal for Encoding Priority on the General tab in Project Settings. I change this to Normal Priority.

    dlb, Winavi? Don't you notice a quality loss compared to DVDFlick? I haven't used WinAvi in a couple of years (can't find my license key) but remember it being so-so quality but fast. I have ConvertX which I use because of speed but think it's quality is slightly less than DVDFlick. I only do Avi to DVD once a month or something, so I'm no experienced user but am curious of your comparisons.
  6. The Shadow

    The Shadow Specialist

    Hmmmmm, velly intelestink!

    I've learned a lot here about DVD burning....really!

    But as I was reading the posts above, I was thinking about something that I've been observing for years, concerning playing CD's or DVD's on a computer, as opposed to a dedicated "Player".

    If the PC is doing absolutely NOTHING but playing the disk, it usually plays OK, but when you have AV, AS, Firewall, and who knows what else running in the background as well as all those redundant TSR's and Services, disk playing takes a back seat.
    I know, it's not supposed to....but the truth is that it DOES!

    I've used a little Utility called "End It All 2" to shut down all running "programs" before playing a cd or dvd, just to demonstrate this to my customer who's having problems with "skipping" in their music or movie disks.

    I use that little program on my own PC too, before doing drive maintenance, or burning CD's or DVD's. It really works great!
    Availability for this program has suffered the last year or so.
    So if you want it and can't find it, drop me a PM and I'll give you a Link.

    Another thing that can really suck the life out of any computer (most, actually) is all the redundant "Services" that constantly run in the background. On 'Black Viper's" web site is a good list of Services that can Safely be either shut down completely, or put into Manual mode.
    Shutting down services adds greatly to the efficiency of any PC.
    Also, in MSCONFIG/Startup, you can shut down all those Reminders, Schedulers, Updaters and other crapola put there by programs you've installed.

    Just a thought!

    Shadow :cool
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2009
  7. The Shadow

    The Shadow Specialist

    Sorry, I was not allowed to edit my last post. (What's up with that?)

    Anyway, I just remembered where you can download "End It All 2" for FREE.

    It's here:


    Cheers mates!
    The Shadow :cool
  8. chapincito

    chapincito Specialist

    Thank you!!! will try it!!!;)
  9. frapper

    frapper Private First Class

    I think they have a time limit on editing. Dunno why. :major
  10. jaymil30

    jaymil30 Private E-2

    thank u for all the suggestions! will try! as for another problem i have, i cant seem to speed up my downloads on utorrent. ive followed numerous guides i've found, and nothing seeems to work. i have my port forwarded correctly, i've tried capping speeds, no luck. any help with this would once again be appreciated!
  11. Puppywunder58

    Puppywunder58 Master Sergeant

    Hi jaymil30,

    It's better to start a separate thread for your question. Cuts down on confusion.

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