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My router stopped working

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by coldcell, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. coldcell

    coldcell Private First Class

    I dont know what happened... one moment I'm using internet and the next, internet is down for the entire house.

    I unplugged the power cable for modem & router and got back internet.. however my family's computer cannot receive internet now. It seems the wireless part of the router isnt functioning and I'm not sure how to fix it.

    I tried logging into the router and disabling & enabling the wireless option but it still doesnt work. Any suggestions?
  2. coldcell

    coldcell Private First Class

    I know a bump is bad but I really need help..
  3. CrashOverride

    CrashOverride Private E-2

    first of all how many computers are in the network and please be specific on which are hardwired and which are trying to access the network wireless, also is the computer that is hardwired receiving internet, and now its just an issue of the wireless machine not getting internet?..you could also try uninstalling the router and then reinstalling, and then go through the initial setup of adding your machines to the network and let them discover the network on there own..please list a little more about the problem:major
  4. Gyniolatry

    Gyniolatry Private E-2

    If its XP remove the device -
    start >> RUN >> type cmd >ok> type netsh winsock reset >enter> restart pc and re-insert device.

    (netshell utility comes with XP SP2 and you have to be an admin user )

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