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My screen skips when i scroll

Discussion in 'Software' started by willeepweep, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. willeepweep

    willeepweep Private E-2

    on this computer whenever I'm on a webpage and scroll down or up, the page starts skipping, I went to device manager and nothing had the little yellow sign or anything next to it sooo im guessing everything is up to date? I am not familar with this computer it is my moms she got from a friend, aright please help! thank you!

    its not really a problem, its just really annoying.
  2. 8Ball

    8Ball Specialist

    Do you use FireFox? I do and it happens to me, so maybe its a FireFox deal?
  3. willeepweep

    willeepweep Private E-2

    i got internet explorer
  4. willeepweep

    willeepweep Private E-2

    Please help me.
  5. mgpower0

    mgpower0 Corporal

    in advanced options for IE enable or disable smooth scrolling and see if that makes a difference
  6. willeepweep

    willeepweep Private E-2

    it didn't =/
  7. theefool

    theefool Geekified

    Do you have your video drivers installed?
  8. BirdBath

    BirdBath Sergeant Major

    Check in the control panel on your mouse settings.

    Look at the set up for the scroll wheel. You can set it to scroll at 3 or 4 lines per scroll. It sounds like you might have the settings up to high.

    Just a thought.

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