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My Tracfone Nokia 1100 Have Roaming Charges If I Were Outside My Area Code?

Discussion in 'Software' started by montecarlo1987, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. montecarlo1987

    montecarlo1987 Private First Class

    Hello! :) I have older Tracfone called the Nokia 1100. Now, I know over time Tracfone has changed or modernized their policies services NOT to include roaming while in my local area code BUT OUTSIDE the area code of which one resides in recent years. So if you make a call outside your area code for which it is programmed, you are charged the same rate as if you were in your area code. Is my older Nokia 1100 Tracfone programmed for the modern Tracfone rate policies or not?

    Now, I have an EVEN OLDER Tracfone (big and heavy) Nokia 918P that if I am outside my area code, I WILL BE charged 3 units for every one minute of talking and 1 unit per minute inside my area code. I also have a NEWER Tracfone that no matter where I am in America I am charged 1 unit for every one minute of talking.

    Now, I was told at the time by Tracfone that there is nothing that they can do on their end to my older Nokia 918P to change to the newer policies since the rate per minute is PROGRAMMED INTO THE PHONE. I am not going to run or activate the Nokia 1100 for the first time and drive outside my area code to find out if its rate policies are for the newer phone or policies are for the older rate policies by testing it. There are reasons. For one, if it is under the older policies, in addition to the minutes lost by testing; I will not be able to transfer a phone number or reamining minutes to a newer Tracfone version.

    Could you tell me if the Tracfone Nokia 1100 is programmed under the older rate policies or the newer rate policies of the new phones? Does the Tracfone Nokia 1100 have roaming charges outside my area code? I see the display is a B&W display similar to my older Tracfone if that has anything to do with it?

    Yes, I called Tracfone tech support and they noted that they did not know if the Nokia 1100 is under their older policies or newer policies. They did mention however that all their phones have roaming charges outside your zip code. Obviously, that is a bunch of bull -- look at my newest Tracfone!!! No offense, but their tech reps are not always bright or knowlegeable about their own products. So, no straight answer from them.

    Please reply.

    Thank you!
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2010
  2. chapincito

    chapincito Specialist

    I guess you know very well your phone. To avoid that you should access somehow the settings of the phone and changing the roaming one to MANUAL instead of Automatic.
    This is a piece of advice that the company where I work gave us when they gave us new phones.
    Try it and let us know!:confused
  3. montecarlo1987

    montecarlo1987 Private First Class

    Hello. I received a reply from another forum dedicated to cell phones: www.wirelessadvisor.com. I thought I would share the answer here too. Member's name is mframe.


    Yes, the Nokia 1100 is Single-Rate. There will be no extra charge for roaming. It was one of Tracfone's first GSM phones, and all of Tracfone's GSM phones are Single-Rate. I think the Nokia 918 was an analog phone, which will no longer pick up a signal (analog has been eliminated). Analog, and some older model CDMA phones, did have the very limited local-calling area, as you describe.

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