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Need Bluetooth Driver Help!!!

Discussion in 'Software' started by bbarbernell, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. bbarbernell

    bbarbernell Private E-2

    my blackberry will pair but not sync to my laptop via bluetooth, and blackberry software will not recognize my blackberry by bluetooth, been back and forth with both tech desks, they say need to install "microsoft driver" not "hp driver" and I can't find one to download. This is the bain of my existence. Somebody please help!
    control panel shows "bluetooth config" instead of "bluetooth devices"
  2. biddy187

    biddy187 Private E-2

    Hi there what OS are you using! and is it built in bluetooth with the laptop!
  3. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member


    Just a minor addition to the above for requested info, which model HP Laptop do you have?

    Also open Device Manager and check to see if any Bluetooth hardware is found in the list, if a Bluetooth device is found make sure its the Microsft one only, if its a 3rd party one then you will need to remove it, likely from Add/Remove and allow the Microsoft one to install, if it is the Microsoft one them try updating its driver ( Right click device and choose update Driver Software ) as you can pair the laptop and Blackberry you have a signal, but just want to double check that the Bluetooth driver is working ok.

    But follow this KB artical form Blackberry as if your HP is using its own Bluetooth driver then you'll need to remove it and allow the Microsoft one to install ( Microsoft driver is built into XP SP2 and Vista ) http://www.blackberry.com/btsc/sear...Public&dialogID=52276399&stateId=0 0 25815674

    Also make sure you have lastest version of Blackberry Manager Software.

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