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Need FAT32 for floppy drive to work!

Discussion in 'Software' started by ~|JaMrO¢K|~, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. ~|JaMrO¢K|~

    ~|JaMrO¢K|~ Private E-2

    hi all...i know no one cares about floppy anymore, but i have info on one and so need to get to it. However i cant. My comp. acts like its readign the disk when i put it in floppy drive, but never actually is able to read it. the little green light fashes under the drive, and i hear noises, but the comp. freezes for a lil while, like 20sec then when i click on A:\ it tells me disk needs reformat which i know is not the case. Then other times it also tells me id adress mark not found.

    This all happned after upgrading from windows 98 to xp pro sp2. Someone told me i didnt have all the updates for windos 98 when i upgraded and so that cased the driver problem, therefore i need to get FAT32 from someone with a windows 98 computer, then install it on my computer, and that should make it work.

    If u have a windows 98 compuer lying around somewhere, please assist me.
  2. theefool

    theefool Geekified

    It could be one of two things. Either the floppy is bad, or the floppy drive is bad. The floppy drive light is not constantly on, is it?

    I for one, still think that floppy drives are still good. Specifically, installing raid or sata or scisi drivers. I have a floppy drive installed in my computer.
  3. ~|JaMrO¢K|~

    ~|JaMrO¢K|~ Private E-2

    the floppy drive is good, someone told me to unplug the floppy drive then, boot up comp. then power it down then plug it back in, and that should do it..i dont know..i give up...i'll just i dont know...whatever
  4. Runner789

    Runner789 Private E-2

    As disks get older and the FDD gets older there is misalignment in the read heads. Try it on another comp. I would not think it is a driver prob.
    I still use floppys. Good for booting/ loading drivers/ moving data/ etc.
    As for Fat 32 and NTFS. That could be a problem. Is your comp NTFS? Some comps are finicky. But, I can read my floppys on either format.
  5. Kodo


    do the following with no disk in the drive:
    open up my computer and right click on the A: Drive. Choose properties and when the dialog box pops up, choose the tools tab.

    Now put the disk in the floppy drive and click the Check Now button. Check both boxes and start the scan.

    What you're experiencing is (most of the time) a bad floppy.

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