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Need help with P2P Networking and WMP

Discussion in 'Software' started by mawright04, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. mawright04

    mawright04 Private E-2

    I am experiencing slower performance with my Windows Media Player. Also, I just recently removed malware from my computer. I removed Limewire after finding out it spreads spyware. Do you have any suggestions on safe P2P Networking if possible for mainly music?
  2. acejones

    acejones A Different Title

    a safe P2P?? HA!!!

    are any of your other programs slow?
  3. mawright04

    mawright04 Private E-2

    No just Windows Media Player. I was thinking E-Mule but I don't know much about it.
  4. mawright04

    mawright04 Private E-2

    Do you have any recommendations on how I could increase the speed of windows media player downloads and searches?
  5. soulja

    soulja Private E-2

    Get Azureus. freeware Program, get it here. It's an awsome
    torrent program.

    Now, with limewire I would suggest that you use it. It also is another cool program, but there is spy ware and viruses. How to avoid? By not downloading a music file that's 812kb, thats probably a virus. A music file is should be about 1,000kb, etc. If you want, you can also get a program called spyware blaster here, this will not let any spyware come in, in the first place. It's not a spy ware scanner, or virus scanner, just keeps it from coming in. Spy sweeper is also a really good program keep it.
  6. soulja

    soulja Private E-2

    O, and if you just want to download music get limewire.

  7. acejones

    acejones A Different Title

    I disagree. Limewire is not the best thing to download music. iTunes is.
  8. soulja

    soulja Private E-2

    Yes, im sorry i meant for illegal downloading of music. Itunes? Honestly I don't know, I don't pay for music. I'm cheap like that. :eek:
  9. AbbySue

    AbbySue MajorGeeks Administrator

    Discussing illegal downloads is not a welcome topic around here unless you are looking to get blasted. We prefer to NOT break the law.
  10. acejones

    acejones A Different Title

  11. soulja

    soulja Private E-2

    Sorry, no more speaking of this matter.
  12. mawright04

    mawright04 Private E-2

    I just wanted to know if there was a way I could have a faster Windows Media Player.

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