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Need help with putting a password on a router, pls.

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Sandi149, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. Sandi149

    Sandi149 Private E-2

    I am trying to put a password on my Linksys router but I don't know how to do it. I have two computers. One is connected to my cable modem and the other is a laptop and connects to the internet through the Linksys that I have. Model WRT54G.

    How can I put a password on it? When I connect the laptop to the router it says that it is a public connection and I don't want that.

    Also, is there anyway that I can network the two computers together to share files?

    Any help is appreciated.

  2. buggabear

    buggabear MajorGeek


    this link show you step by step instructions on how to enable security so the public will not be able to access your system. You should have gotten a manual with the same instructions but just in case you misplaced it here it is.

    both computers should be connected through your router for added security
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2008
  3. buggabear

    buggabear MajorGeek

    once you finish with the security procedures a easy way to network your computers. click on network places icon (there may be a icon on your desktop or you can access it through my computer) then click on set up home office network. then follow the step by step instructions, this should network your computers to each other.
    To share files you can then open my computer right click on the folder you wish to share (my documents, program files, c drive ect...) then click sharing and security, in the middle of the box it says share network security, place a check mark in the box click ok.
  4. Unbanable

    Unbanable Specialist

    Just to clear a little something up... While, at the moment, the router is somewhat a public connection because it's not password protected, when Windows says it's public, that is a setting in Windows that changes how Windows views the connection, and sets security appropriately. Putting a password on the router, while I DO suggest that you do this, will not necessarily keep it from saying public connection, you will need to change that yourself. I suggest that you do NOT change it until you password protect the router. Being that it's set as a public connection, it changed security settings to be more appropriate for a public setting, which is what you'd want on an unsecured network. So once it's secure you can change it to home network or whatever.

    To change it to home network and for file sharing, what are the operating systems on both computers? For example, XP or Vista.

    Edit: I also suggest that you use WPA, which offers stronger encryption. http://www.tekstenuitleg.net/en/articles/wireless_network_security_guide/5 is the page on how to set WPA
  5. Sandi149

    Sandi149 Private E-2

    The computer that is connected to the cable modem runs winxp and the laptop runs Vista.

    Is all this stuff difficult to do? I've never done it before.
  6. Unbanable

    Unbanable Specialist

    It shouldn't be too difficult if you follow the instructions.

    If you have any specific questions feel free to ask.

    You will probably want to print those instructions off to follow them.
  7. Sandi149

    Sandi149 Private E-2

    Can this still be done when the 2 computers are running on two different O/S?
    the computer that is connected to the cable modem is running XP and the laptop is running Vista.

    Would I use the same instructions? Which computer do I start with? The desktop or the laptop?

  8. buggabear

    buggabear MajorGeek

    you can ues either computer since you are putting the password on the router not the pc.
  9. Fred_G

    Fred_G Heat packin' geek

    I would always use the wired computer to play around with the router. More reliable. It should be or Just put that in your browser and go to town with it!

    You might want to got to the page linked above on your laptop, and view that while you setup the router from your desktop pc.

  10. Sandi149

    Sandi149 Private E-2

    It doesn't seem to work for me. I logged into the router and did all that stuff from that instruction page but then when I went into the wireless connection on the laptop, I couldn't figure out how to do it. The instruction sheet is for WinXP and the laptop runs Vista so it looked different.

    Can anyone give me help to set up the wireless connection on the laptop?

    Thanks so much.

  11. Sandi149

    Sandi149 Private E-2

    Ok... I was able to put the password on the router and now I think it's secure. When I hover my mouse over the connection it says: WPA-PSK. Now I seem to be having a problem with file sharing. I am able to get to the files on the desktop from the laptop, but cannot get to the laptops files from the desktop. I can see the network connection but when I click on the little icon it asks for a u/n and p/w. I put in what i have for the router but it doesn't work. I never a pw for this laptop. Anyone know what u/n and p/w it is asking for?

  12. lbmest

    lbmest MajorGeek

    The username and password that is being asked for is the user account on the laptop that has the shared folder that you are trying to access.
    You have a choice to either (1) supply the account name and password; which may be blank; (2) add the same account name and password to the XP machine and log in to it at least once or
    (3) disable password protected sharing in the network settings on the laptop. (See this link for instructions - http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb727037.aspx )
  13. Sandi149

    Sandi149 Private E-2

    Ok...I think I finally got it now.:-D

    Next to the icon for the network it says (private network)...so that means that nobody can see it from the outside right? I am now able to view files from both computers. I'm wondering though....I never put any p/w on either computer so why did it ask for one?
  14. Unbanable

    Unbanable Specialist

    It will, depending on the settings, ask for a username and password regardless of whether or not you have one set. If there is no password you should be able to just supply to username and leave the password field blank, unless I'm mistaken.

    Being a private network doesn't mean people wont "see" the network necessarily, unless you turn off SSID broadcast, but they will have to have the password to connect to the network or access anything on it. This is why you should have a secure password, something that someone wont be able to guess or crack easily.

    Hope that answers your questions
  15. Sandi149

    Sandi149 Private E-2

    thanks....I have another question. My son will be coming home from college for a few days and will want to connect to the router from his laptop. Since I set up the security for the router, how will he be able to connect to it?

  16. buggabear

    buggabear MajorGeek

    when he hooks up his lap top and connects to your router he will be prompted for the encryption number you while have to give him the encryption phrase or security code.
  17. Sandi149

    Sandi149 Private E-2

    Will that be the same u/n and p/w that I used when I first set up the router. I originally connected to a webpage from Linksys with an IP addy and set up the name and then put in a p/w. Is that what you are talking about?

  18. buggabear

    buggabear MajorGeek

    I'm sorry I may have mis-spoke. if he connects directly to the router using a ethernet cable he may be able to connect directly to the internet. If he connects wireless and you have wep encryption set up he will need the encryption key.
    If he is connecting to a network you created to link the computers, then he will need to set his computer up the same way you set the rest of them up on your network which means he has to run the windows home network program (if thats the one you are using).
    The router has a setting inside where it connects directly to the isp provider (either with password remembered or user prompted) for internet connection. If you have placed a password there and not have it set to automatically connect then each time you try to connect to the internet it will prompt you for that password.

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