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Need help with userinit.exe for Windows XP

Discussion in 'Software' started by puckhawg31, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. puckhawg31

    puckhawg31 Private E-2

    Hitman Pro3 Public beta (Malware remover) has taken out my computer and I am in need of major help.

    When I turn on the computer, it goes to a blue screen that says:

    ? Hitman Pro 3 3.0.2465- Surf Right
    1 <0c0000034> document and settings\eugen\local settings\temp etc. mmonhj.exe
    2 <0xc0000034> \??\c:windows\browser.exe
    3 <0xc0000034> \??\c:windows\system32\000060.exe
    4 <0xc0000034> \??\c:windows\windows\system32\userinit.exe

    It then goes to the

    I click on my login name (the log in page previously did not show up before the Hitman)

    It says :
    “Loading your personal settings…”
    It shows my main screen with the background screen saver but absolutely no icons, at this time I am hitting Ctrl/Alt/Delete to no avail, it does not bring up the taskmanager.
    then it goes to
    “Logging off….” And then
    “Saving your personal settings…”
    and then it stays on the Welcome/Log in page.

    I tried to do it in safe mode, still can’t get past the Log in page.

    From their Helpdesk:
    By the looks of this a virus has taken control of a standard Windows file called userinit.exe. This file is responsible for logging on and basically for launching your desktop.

    From Me: I don’t have a specific Windows Xp cd-rom, I have the general disc for my emachine computer. Do I have to do a complete reinstall? Does this mean that I am going to lose all my data on my C drive? I did not have the problem until I ran the beta thing.

    From their Helpdesk:
    You do not lose your data, so no worries. We need to reinstall the file userinit.exe using a bootable cd-rom.

    I have created a special bootdisk. You can use it to restore the userinit.exe. Use the following steps to restore the file:

    1. Download fixdisk1.exe from: http://dl.caretaker.nl/fixdisk1.exe
    2. Insert an empty 3,5” disk in you floppy drive ( A: ) and run the fixdisk1.exe file.
    3. Boot the broken computer using the 3,5” floppy that was created in step 2.
    4. When the prompt appears for private of professional use, enter yes for private use (not just y but yes).
    5. When all goes well, you have a command prompt with a drive C:. Now enter the following command:

    copy a:\userinit.exe c:\windows\system32

    • When copying has completed remove the floppy from the drive and reboot the broken computer.
    My first try gave me the following message:

    Non-system disk or disk error
    Replace and strike any key when ready

    I reformatted the floppy disk and again tried, this time it gave the message:

    "NTLDR is missing
    Press any key to restart"

    No response from their Helpdesk for several days, I feel abandoned.

    Does it matter if the disk was downloaded on a Windows 2000 machine instead of an XP machine? Is there somewhere to download a bootdisk online and I can burn a CD or try the floppy again? Please help, I don’t want to totally reformat the hard drive.
  2. tomatala

    tomatala Private E-2

  3. sdbett

    sdbett Private E-2

    An interesting issue - But - Easy to solve.

    N.B. Ensure that you DO NOT have any form of drive running except your 'C' drive.

    (1) Your NT Loader cannot be found by your system.

    (2) I assume that you have the system disk for XP.

    (3) Insert your XP disk and reboot (Even whilst your system is trying to recognise the disk. If you are working on a TX, use the reset button. If not and working on a laptop, just press the power button until everything shuts down).

    (4) When you boot up, watch the bottom of the screen and select the "F" key that gives you the "Boot Options". This varies with system build and only tap firmly - Once. When your system states "Press any key" do it! (It does not always happen the 1st time - Repeat the process until you have control).

    (5) When 'Windows' has (Finally) arrived at a point known as "Repair", select this option.

    N.B. When this is selected, all of your MS updates will be deleted - You only have to re-download your updates when you get your OS back (Can take up to an hour). If you are working with a "Hooky" version of 'Office', your licence will be deleted.

    Good luck and come back if you have issues.


    Last edited: Oct 7, 2009

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