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Need Roxio CD Burn Help - Can't open .roxio file

Discussion in 'Software' started by hockey!girl, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. hockey!girl

    hockey!girl Private E-2

    I was at a clients and we burned a cd with some files on it using whatever roxio cd creator/burner that came with her machine.

    Now when I get back to my computer, that does not have roxio, I am unable to get the files off. All I see is data file with the .roxio extension.

    I don't want to purchase roxio just to get these files off the cd.

    Any advice? I've been searching the net but haven't found anything yet.

  2. jewlzs

    jewlzs Corporal

    Error Deleting File or Folder.
    Cannot delete file name. Files on this CD-ROM drive are read-only. You cannot copy or move files over to this CD-ROM drive.

    This error message can occur because individual files cannot be deleted from the CD-RW. You cannot use the CD disc recording feature of Windows XP for random-access storage while you are writing to disc.

    To work around this problem, use a third-party program that supports this feature or delete the CD-RW before you write to the disc.
  3. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

    hockey!girl doesn't want to "remove" the files from the CD.
    As the title said Can't open .roxio file the OP is unable to open the files. Advice is wanted as to how to "view" the files on the CD.
  4. jewlzs

    jewlzs Corporal

    So for first miss understanding of your query.

    To clarify:
    You have music on a disc and are trying to open or at least view them from Roxio and cant.

    Try the long way:

    Insert CD in Drive
    My Computer
    CD Drive
    Choose File View

    You will see all files on the CD
    Click the file you want
    It may open automatically to Roxio
    a dialog box will open asking you to choose a program to open file with
    click roxio

    home burned cd's are quirky.
  5. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

    We aren't sure if the files are music and the OP does not have Roxio on the computer.

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