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NetBT Issue

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by linuxpowers, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. linuxpowers

    linuxpowers Corporal

    I've been noticing some issues with my network connection, mostly when playing Internet Spades. I've noticed a lot of freezing during game play so, I decided to take a look at my Event Viewer and noticed several of the following "Error" messages in the Administrative Events:

    I should point out that my setup is configured as such: I have a Windows 7 computer, a Linux computer, a HP Printer and my DSL modem all plugged into my router. I should also point out that when I set this all up, I had no idea what I was doing and just worked it out until everything connected. rolleyes

    I also noticed that I also get another "Error" message mixed in between the mentioned "Error" messages. Not sure if they are related but they both seem to address Network issues. This one states the following:
    Any ideas as to what I'm looking at?
  2. handygal

    handygal Sergeant Major

    Can you tell us what your DSL modem is? It looks like you might have a IP conflict and I'm wondering if your modem and your router are both in the same range. Doesn't seem like that would be working at all but I would like to check.

    I am a big advocate of staying away from the IP ranges of 192.168.0.X and 192.168.1.X when you have a choice. If you know how to change the IP range issued by your router and you are using DHCP, I would change the range to something uncommon like 192.168.68.X.

    It saves the headache of having a device with a default IP of being plugged into the network and taking out your connection intermittently. I had a print server being used as a switch that did it to me for a week.
  3. linuxpowers

    linuxpowers Corporal

    Thank you so much for your response handygal! Networking has never been my strong point when working with computers so please bear with my ignorance when responding to your inquiries. :-o

    You asked:
    The sticker on the bottom of the modem says it's a Cayman 3300 series by Netopia.

    I can tell you that I do know how to log in to the router setup page and "look" around at things but I'm afraid if I changed anything, I would mess it up completely! :eek

    I did log in and peeked around while typing this message and it appears DHCP is enabled. I also took a look at the IP Range and it is set to to 149.

    Also, while playing around typing IP address's into my browser, by chance I somehow brought up my modem setup page. Under "Current Network Information ", it shows my Router connected to IP address I'm assuming this is the address of the modem? (and if so, how did I connect to it by using address :confused

    BTW, while reading up on both of these products, I've noticed that they are both being recommended a firmware upgrade...just saying! rolleyes

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