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Netgear wireless LAN problem

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Mourndark, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. Mourndark

    Mourndark Private E-2

    Hello all (essay ahead!)

    I have had a wireless Netgear router set up and working on 3 computers for some time. I have recently tried to add two more computers (A homebuilt desktop and a Lenovo 3000 laptop - both on XP SP2), and although both can see the network, neither can connect properly. I have a WEP key enabled (32 char).

    I have run the windows network setup for both, and put in the network key, but I keep getting the message "Limited or no connectivity" In the network settings, neither of the computers has been assigned an IP address in the correct range (192.168.0.*), and do not have an address for the DNS server or gateway.

    I have tried disabling the Windows firewalls, with no luck.
    I have tried using both windows configuration and the desktop's Belkin 3rd party configuration tool with no luck.
    I have tried using a memory stick copy network settings across using the windows wizard, with no luck.
    I have tried manually inputing IP, gateway and DNS addresses, although that shows up as connected, it cannot access internet or shared areas.

    Can anyone suggest anything else?

    Thanks in advance...
  2. JPSchwartz

    JPSchwartz Private E-2

    A few additional things you may try are:
    Updating the firmware on the Netgear
    Connect the new PC's via wired connection to make sure it's a wireless issue
    Temporarily remove the wireless security, get it working, and redo security

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