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"network path not found with mshome"

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by katiebaby_15, Oct 29, 2004.

  1. katiebaby_15

    katiebaby_15 Private E-2

    im just adding a new computer into my wireless network. it finds the network and conects BUT heres the deal from other computer i can see the new one in my network places| entire network | MShome but when i try and access it it says network path not found. on the new computer i cant see any other computers in the mshome workgroup
    they are all mshome
    any help??
  2. 44039

    44039 Private First Class

    The machine that you are trying to connect to, does it have "file and printer" sharing enabled? Do you have any files, printers, or directories shared on the target computer? If you don't have any share on the computer you are trying to reach, then, you will get that type of error.
    As far as "My Network Places," it can be as assuring as Kerry or Bush. (unreliable).
    Try this:
    On the new computer, click on Start -> Run
    Type "\\computername" (without quotes, where computer name is the name of the computer you are trying to reach.
    Type "\\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" (without quotes, where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the ip address of the computer you are trying to reach.
    See if that works.


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