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Network quit after McAfee install

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by jimfarb, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. jimfarb

    jimfarb Private E-2

    I am in the process of replacing my old computer with a new one. The old one is running XP Home SP2 and the New one XP Media 2002 SP2. I have the two computers connected with an ethernet cable so I could access the files on my old computer and transfer them as needed. All was well until I installed a newer version of McAfee with: Security Center V. 7.2 , Virus Scan V.11.2 , Personal Firewall V. 8.2 and Site Advisor V. 2.4 on the new computer. Now I can't bring up the other computer in Network Places. I still have McAfee Security Center and Virus Scan 10 installed on the old computer. I get a message on my newcomputer that the other computer is not protected and to install McAfee on the other computer but I don't plan to connect it back to the internet after I complete my transfers.

    If I Disable the Firewall on the new computer the best I can get is "limited conectivity" and if I try to transfer or copy files the connection will crash and corrupt files.

    Are there any other suggestions before I uninstall McAfee on my new computer? I didn't want to transfer everything right away but I can and then reinstall McAfee and then just delete the things I don't need.

    Thanks for any help.

  2. janitor

    janitor Private E-2

    what firewall did you turn off?the windows xp firewall or the mcaffee firewall?try checking it out and the mcaffee security center.it must be the mcaffee configuration

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