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Network shares issue (after getting over an infection)

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Guest2, May 22, 2012.

  1. Guest2

    Guest2 Private E-2


    This is the message every computer and device gets when trying to connect to my computer's network shares at that address (or any network shares links).

    A few days ago I got over a ZeroAcccess rootkit infection (yes it is really gone, I made sure with SuperAntiSpyware, HijackThis, Spybot Search and Destroy, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, CCleaner, the Kaspersky Rescue Disk, ComboFix, TDSSKiller, GMER, rkill, and UnhackMe). Ever since, I can connect to anyone else and nothing else seems affected.

    We're all running Windows 7, and for the purposes of tracking down the cause I have disabled anything that could be preventing the connection (firewalls, anti-viruses, or anti- adware/spyware, as well as the native protections of Windows Firewall, Security Center, and Windows Defender).

    (I have restarted my computer after every one of these steps.)

    • I have tried leaving and rejoining the workgroup
    • Deleted and re-added my shares
    • Deleted and re-added the permissions on my shares
    • Have checked various registry entries (I really think it might be the issue, not sure why)

    To be clear, there is no other issue than the other computers in the house connecting to (or seeing) my shares. I don't know if the it is left over settings from the rootkit or something from one of the anti-spyware softwares I ran (like Spybot's immunize or the like).

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. handygal

    handygal Sergeant Major

    Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services

    Look through the services and start any that are related to sharing and networking. I wouldn't enable anything that is disabled, just start the service for now and see if that opens the sharing.

    I would re-share drives. Windows 7 is tighter with file sharing than previous versions of windows. If you unshare and then share again it should ask you if you are sure and to add permissions for users. If you have a drive shared but no one has permission to access, that can also be a problem.
  3. Guest2

    Guest2 Private E-2

    As mentioned, I tried re-sharing the shares and resetting the permissions to no avail.

    Per your suggestion I went looking and all the services seem to be on:

    Remote Access Auto Connection Manager
    Routing and Remote Access
    Secure Socket Tunneling Services
    TCP/IP Netbios Helper

    Only Remote Access Connection Manager was not on and turning it on has not resolved the issue.
  4. handygal

    handygal Sergeant Major

    I believe that service is related to remote desktop connection.

    I re-read your original post since I probably read it too fast the first time. Malwarebytes can disable access depending on what version you have. Superantispyware might also do this, the malware fighters would know more. There is a thread not far down that had malwarebytes "fighting" with the resident A/V and disabled the user's internet access. Definitely possible.
  5. Guest2

    Guest2 Private E-2

    It my first thought since it had to be either the rootkit or my aggressive attack on it that caused it. I was really hoping though that disabling the resident "live scanner" portion of both of those programs would eliminate the issue, and it did not.

    Any malware champions with suggestions for things that might have been changed by one of the many I used?
  6. handygal

    handygal Sergeant Major

    In the malware forum would be your best bet.

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