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networking with xp after format

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by jbirdie, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. jbirdie

    jbirdie Private E-2

    a friend called and told me a friend of his had over 190 occurances of virus and malware infestations. it has been decided to format rather than attempt to remove the trash. i was asked to do some backups, then format and reinstall win xp and install the appropriate protection, so we dont do this again. however ... he asked us to take the machine away from his house to do this ( he's a pro fisherman and has a charter that day we're gonna work on it). now finally, the question...part of the xp install is to set up "networking", now if we do this at a site other than where its gonna be installed, is that gonna present a prob. like when we take it back it wont work? or when we take it back it will reconfigure the network, again, for the 'new site... finally do i just need to do the format and install offline, then return to the owner and we can run the network wizard in the control panel. sorry to be so wordy here but wanted to make sure the prob was understood. any help is appreciated, aloha
  2. cat5e

    cat5e MajorGeek

    If the installation uses auto IP and DNS, you cam install the networking as though it goes on your Network and check to make sure that it is working.

    When you move it to his network you just have to change the Group name to match to his network Group name. (takes 20 sec. to do so).
  3. jbirdie

    jbirdie Private E-2

    cat5e, tks for the reply but where/what/how do i change the "Group" name? can i do it this way - do the complete install at a remote location then take it back to the original site and just do the network setup wizard in the control panel and it will detect and build the proper setup for this site, then i could go in and delete the "bad" one, after all has been verified? sorry to be so stoopid but i have never setup networking anywhere except where its gonna be run, so bear with me and tkz, aloha
  4. janitor

    janitor Private E-2

    you can find the group name when you right click on the my computer icon adn then properties and just find it under the tabs..i think thats it rolleyes

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