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New GeForce 8400 GS Install, Boot Issues

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by TaneMarduk, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. TaneMarduk

    TaneMarduk Private E-2

    I installed a brand new NVIDIA Galaxy GeForce 8400 GS video card into my computer, and when I booted it up, it gave me a different boot screen. Not odd, but I recieved an error message. The boot screen said, "Intel Boot Agent GE v1.2.28 copyright 1997-2005 Intel Corporation Base Code PXE-2.1 Build 084." and the error message I gotw was, "PXE-E61: media test failure, check cable. PXE-M0F: exiting boot agent." I tried to remove the card and reboot so that I could research the issue, but my computer will no longer boot even without the card installed. I get the error message no matter what. A kind friend of mine did a little search, and apparently there are four causes for that message: bad CMOS, bad BIOS, a bad or non-bootable HDD, or non-bootable removeable media in the computer. Seeing as my computer was functioning just fine right before I installed the new card, I think my BIOS, HDD, and CMOS are all fine. I did, in fact, have a non-bootable CD in my drive, but the problem persisted after it was removed. I will be returning this card. I tested it in this computer, and it caused the boot issue. It will not fit in the case I bought it for, so I'm going to exchange it. What I really need to know is what's causing the boot problem and how to fix it. I apologize for the complete lack of line breaks, but I'm typing this on my sister's DSi since my PC won't start up. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope there's a quick solution.
  2. fatjake440

    fatjake440 Private E-2

    i would put the card in, do a fresh install of a os, and see if that does it, if not, physically inspect the card. see if thiers a crack, bust, or something " out of the ordinary " on or not on it.
  3. scajjr

    scajjr Sergeant

    I would try resetting the BIOS. Usually there is a jumper on the motherboard, that you can move the jumper on that will clear the BIOS (put the jumper back where it was afterwards). If there is a battery on the motherboard (would be a round, silver battery like a large watch battery), you can remove that for a minute or so , that will clear the BIOS as well.

    There may be a BIOS setting that you had to change to let it use the video card slot first instead of the onboard video. Some motherboards auto-detect a video card in the slot, some require you to change the setting in the BIOS first.

  4. TaneMarduk

    TaneMarduk Private E-2

    Thanks for the replies, scajjr and fatjake440.
    Jake, I'm not able to do a fresh install, I don't have a blank or unused HDD.
    Scajjr, I don't think that's the issue. I have my BIOS set to auto, I checked. I'm not certain if I have an onboard video card, I haven't researched the chip I think is the video card to be sure. *shrug*
    Anyway, what might go wrong with or because of clearing the BIOS?
  5. TaneMarduk

    TaneMarduk Private E-2

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I have no computer right now, I need to find a solution. I would very much appreciate it. Thank you.
  6. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

    PXE means that your computer for some unknown reason is trying to boot from a networked drive.
    You need to go into the BIOS and disable network as a possible boot device.
    Make your internal boot device the first boot device and the optical drive the 2nd or you can also reverse this and make the optical drive 1st and the internal hard drive 2nd.
  7. TaneMarduk

    TaneMarduk Private E-2

    Thank you very much, all is solved. :)
    I'm finally able to boot up, the driver installation worked fine, (though I had to run it twice to get everything installed) and I'm now able to play a few games that used to be out of my league. lol.
    Definitely enjoying this. Thanks again. :D

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