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New Gigabyte Mobo Won't Boot Up

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by spirittoo, May 16, 2012.

  1. spirittoo

    spirittoo Sergeant

    :waveOk here's the deal ... I have the M68MT-S2 Gigabyte mobo. I have the FX 8120 CPU ... the gigabyte GTX 280 GPU. I had to replace my old gigabyte mobo because this cheif max p/s burn the p4 plug causing a bad reading with the replacement P/S instead of a +5 reading I was getting a +3.66v reading. After a while the P/S died and I got another one ... still got the bad reading .... So I got the same mobo.

    When I was trying to remove the fan and heat sink the cpu was stuck to it and it came out with the sink ... some of the pins were bent and I straight them out the best I could. It locked in the holder of the new mobo ... I hooked everything back up, and powered it up ... NOTHING but a clicking sound ... no system beep (s) the P/S fan is turning and the cpu fan is turning but the GPU fan is not turning ... I have the power hooked up to it, but nothing. It was working before I pulled the old mobo.

    Anyone knows what's up with this?:cry:confused
  2. gman863

    gman863 MajorGeek

    1. If the pins are bent, the CPU may not be connecting to the socket/motherboard properly. Even one damaged pin can ruin a CPU.

    2. If the new board is a different model, it's possible the old memory isn't playing nice with the new board. Check Gigabyte's QVL (Qualified Vendor List) to see if your memory is listed.

    Unfortunately, this will likely be a trial and error process involving swapping out the CPU and memory to see what works.
  3. spirittoo

    spirittoo Sergeant

    :wavePosted this earlier, but I guess it didn't take or I didn't follow through ... anyway ... I got it working ... the cpu wasn't seated properly the cpu was stuck to the sink when I pulled it out. I made sure it was in good ...once I did that it booted up ok ... the only problem is I'm still getting the same bad voltage readings from HWMonitor ... for my +5 volts I'm only reading a 3.60 the power supply is new ... I don't get it ... that's the reason I changed t he mobo.rolleyes
  4. spirittoo

    spirittoo Sergeant

    :wave I ran Hot CPU tester to see if there was a problem with the processor, but the results stated no errors found. I am still having problems with the computer not shutting down :duck ... instead it reboots. I thought sure after replacing the P/S and the mobo would solve this problem ... not.:guns

    This is a real mystery :*** ... if any of you have a clue please post.

    Thanks for reading my post.:clap
  5. spirittoo

    spirittoo Sergeant

    Jeepers ... looks like this is a real head scratcher for everyone:confused

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