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new motherboard + new power supply = black screen

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by alexus, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. alexus

    alexus Private E-2

    Hey all!
    So... i got some problems a few weeks ago with my computer. The computer began to shut down by itself very often, from 4 to 6 times a day. After checking all software posibilities, i changed the computer from outlet and the shutting down problem stopped. But after a while (a day or two) the ps2 connections began to fail, then the USBs, then the Monitor wouldnt start, it stood at the yellow/orange light part, no "green response". So i thought it was a problem with the motherboard. Went and got a new one (ASrock K7NF2-Raid) Installed it, but then the computer wouldnt turn on. After trying a couple of things, i found out that it was the power supply. Went and got a new one. So, i build everything up, but now, the monitor gets the "green response" but it shows just a black screen. I tried almost everything i have read in different forums, like disconnecting everything and leaving only that what matters (CPU, PS, Video card...), tried reseting BIOS by disconnecting and connecting again all the jumpers on the MoBo, the video card and RAM work.

    I hope someone knows what is wrong.

    Looking forward for suggestions

  2. TimW

    TimW MajorGeeks Administrator - Jedi Malware Expert Staff Member

    Assuming you are running xp ...the motherboard change has made your hard drive unable to boot the os ....you could try a repair install (Wordy xp repair install:
    http://www.informationweek.com/windows/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=189400897) ....since the system was set for different hardware configurations.
    You may have to do a complete new install ...If you can, slave the harddrive to another puter, and save your files/setting/etc. in case you have to do a new install.
  3. DrynnlX

    DrynnlX Private E-2

    You could try making an ultimate XP boot disk, You will need an XP disc with SP2 integrated.


    See if that boots for you.

    It contains many freeware tools including Diagnostic and recovery programs.
  4. Davey_Pitch

    Davey_Pitch Private E-2

    If you're not even getting bios information on the screen, then it sounds like a video card problem to me. Try taking the video card out and reseating it, making sure it's in properly, hopefully that'll work.
  5. alexus

    alexus Private E-2

    ohhh silly question... does it also work for Home edition? i dont want to risk losing all the information.

    Thank you.
  6. alexus

    alexus Private E-2

    I have reseated the video card and still nothing. I cannot really try it, since i dont have another one, but since i dont hear de BIOS beep sound, i assume im not even getting to the BIOS. Normally, when the computer boots correctly, when you press the "on botton" it does nothing, you have to press it for 3 to 5 secs until it shuts down. Here: just press it and it shuts down...
  7. nitecrawler

    nitecrawler Guest

    Sounds as if your system is not passing POST...
    Did you check CPU and RAM compatability with the new mobo?
    Have you configured any other hardware differently on the new system?

  8. alexus

    alexus Private E-2

    Re: new motherboard + new power supply = blue screen

    So... news! the computer shows something on screen! what are the chances for 2 video cards not working properly... yes... i used one from an old computer, which was in no use... did not really prove it before :S... sorry about that, but now, that i tried a third one, the BIOS boots, but now, i get a blue screen, saying i should check for virus or check my hard disk for problems... have tried taking RAM cards out, but BIOS reconizes them and in my opinion, if it does, then they are ok... i tried one by one. Second i tried booting from disk trying to repair windows, but somehow im not being able to. Third... im running out of options. Looking back at everything, first there was the electricity problem which in my opinion damaged the PS, then the motherboard, now the video card, now something else is damaged... please tell me is not the hard disk... and saddly, i found out today, that my screwdriver has some magnetism on it... :eek: it isnt very strong, it cannot even hold screws, but can move very very small metal pieces... could have that done some damage? i want to enfazise the magnetism "power" is very "low".

  9. hopperdave2000

    hopperdave2000 MajorGeek

    As someone mentioned earlier (TimW I think), your hard drive is configured for your old hardware: motherboard, chipsets, video card, etc. Windows XP doesn't respond well to motherboard/chipset changes and usually doesn't boot correctly, even in safe mode. You'll have to re-install windows "over the top" of itself without formatting the hard drive if you want to retain all your files - OR - (preferably) remove the hard drive and slave it to another PC and copy all your files to a CD or another hard drive for safe keeping, then put the drive back in your PC, format, re-install windows, and move your saved files back after loading drivers, etc....

    hopperdave2000 :)
  10. alexus

    alexus Private E-2

    Yes, you are right. I do have to install windows again, but i have come against a few problems. First, the windows cd offers you a "hidden" option, as posted before, that lets you really repair windows and keep your files, but i dont know why, my windows xp home edition does not offer me this option. Second, i tried to use the other repairing option, but it asks me for an administration password which i do not have, being this not my computer... i asked the owner, but she doesnt remember the password. I wanted to make a partition from one of the other partitions, but i wasnt able to, i need to download a program first, and burn it and all.
    I did as follows: I had already changed some files from the bad computer to a good computer, before it "died". So i asked for permition to delete the windows partition and install windows again, and that is what i am doing right now. So everyone, thank you for your help, i hope everything works. Ill post the results when im done.


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