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new >slower>slower>slower

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by THE_CANADIAN, Mar 13, 2005.


    THE_CANADIAN Specialist

    ok well i was wondering why does a new computer become slower over time?

    is it the space that the gb on a driver become smaller and smaller so the computer becomes slow or what make it slow?

    and i got a Presario 6350CA (compaq) and i was wondering if the memory (512.50 MB) should be increased ? because my comp is getting slower and i oviously dont want that so what should i do?
  2. bailmeout

    bailmeout Specialist

    clean out the temporarly files, delete cookies, history. clean out all the trash and if that doesnt work then check if you have any spyware on it.
    note you might also wanna upgrade all the device drivers to the latest and patch up your windows and get all the latest updates from microsoft website
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2005
  3. ASUS

    ASUS MajorGeek

    Look here:
  4. BillD

    BillD Private First Class

    Just started using a program called CCleaner that will help with the clean up. Not sure if is available here or not, but it came highly reccomended and seems to work very well and is free. It will clean all the temp files as well as the registry.
  5. jamcgriff

    jamcgriff Sergeant

    you will probably want to keep an eye on the progams that start when windows to, too many and comp startup time will lag check in msconfig to see how many you have,there should be utilities on this site to help you determine the ones that you really need and the one that can be optional on startup. There is a good one called startup under admin tools here on this site
  6. Phredrick

    Phredrick Private E-2

    There are programs that will help you clean your system and that works to an extent.I personally just reformat once a year or so. I backup my needed files on a second hard drive or cd/dvd and format the hdd. As long as you have broadband, you can reinstall all of your programs pretty quickly.

    Also, malware will slow you down as mentioned above which is why you should run anti-malware programs such as ad-aware and spybot search & destroy on a regular basis. You should also download Windows security updates to keep malware from getting on your machine in the first place.

    If you format your hard drive, make sure you install all security updates before surfing/browsing or you will def end up with a ton of malware (I made that mistake once). You do know how to defrag, right?

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