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Newbie's first thread - goofed??

Discussion in 'Majorgeeks Welcome Center' started by ladie, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. ladie

    ladie Private E-2

    Hi! I'm brand new to forums - driven here by a run in with Antivirus 2009 - and a bit unsure of the ways of it all. I'm hoping that someone can reassure me that either I didn't make a serious error in my first thread or that if I did, it will be forgiven.

    Here's what I did:

    I got stuck midway thru the process outlined in the stickies on Malware removal and XP cleaning procedures because I couldn't download the recovery console from the xp recovery disk provided for my laptop by Toshiba. My first thread started yesterday afternoon explained this and asked for help. No one replied, but I returned to combofix and found that they had changed their procedure so that they no longer require you to get the console yourself, but incorporate the procedure in their download. Maybe someone read my post and made the change or maybe it was coincidence, but I was thrilled.

    So finishing the process by running combofix and then the MGtools I was ready with the files.

    My question is did I do the right thing going to my original thread and hitting reply and sending the files or not? Is this what is called bumping which is so strongly warned against? I see that my post has now moved from p. 6 to p. 1, so if I understand the procedure, it will be a day or so later to being replied to. Not a big issue, but I'd hate to think I've given offence and would like to know what is the correct thing to do in a situation like this. I'd hate to think that rather than being welcomed here, I'll be shunned or kicked out.

  2. hrlow2

    hrlow2 MajorGeek

    Not that big of a deal. Everyone makes a mistake once in a while. Some do it on purpose,others like yourself, by accident. There are not many that would apologize like you did.
    Still may be a few days before someone from Malware gets to you, but don't get down about it. You won't be forgotten and they are very busy.
    By the way, WELCOME to Major Geeks. Enjoy yourself.
  3. Kestrel13!

    Kestrel13! Super Malware Fighter - Major Dilemma Staff Member

    You have attached all of the requested logs, and you have done nothing wrong :) Just be patient now, as explained, we work threads on an oldest to newest basis. We will get to you as soon as we can.

    yes, we are extremely busy at this time of year but rest assured you will get help :)

    No, you've caused no offence.

    Best regards
  4. :):waveHello and a warm welcome to the Forum....:wave

    We all goofed at some point....:)

  5. Kestrel13!

    Kestrel13! Super Malware Fighter - Major Dilemma Staff Member

    you still do, Doc...LOL ;)
  6. wildwolf220

    wildwolf220 Oracle of Doom

    :wave and welcome to MG's..

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