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Newegg - Rush Processing.. Seriously?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by aidan80, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. aidan80

    aidan80 Private First Class

    No doubt this has been done to death (found that after a quick search) but.. what's the story with Newegg. I used to shop with them all of the time and now I only shop there if they have the absolute best deal. Why, it's simple I've gotten used to getting my stuff in 2 or 3 days even on the weekend. Maybe I've become an entitled @ss?

    I recently bought a laptop, sent in the order at 11:20 PST and per their own policy on Rush Processing it should have went out to the carrier that same day. This was on a Tuesday morning it's now Thursday night and the laptop just got picked up by the carrier this morning. Three day shipping minus the weekend and that puts delivery on a Monday, That's 6 days from when I placed the order. I've ordered stuff from China that cost $5 and had it here in less than two weeks yet Newegg can't get a $800 laptop from the IN to FL in less than a week? I understand if I didn't pay for Rush Processing I get it if I didn't pay for 3 Day Delivery but I did and it still means waiting a week!

    I talked to this customer service who told me that's the way it is check my invoice it wasn't going out until Wednesday regardless of what the policy said. Yet in reality the carrier didn't take possession of it until.. Thursday. Customer Service appear to think it's perfectly ok to do this? I'm of the opinion competitors don't do this and I'll vote with my wallet from here on out.

    Sorry just needed to vent, it's been a stressful day at work, my phone died thanks to an update, my cat is sick and then I have Newegg.
  2. TimW

    TimW MajorGeeks Administrator - Jedi Malware Expert Staff Member

    Take your cat to the Vet, buy a new phone and stop buying at Newegg.
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  3. aidan80

    aidan80 Private First Class

    Excellent advice lol
  4. TimW

    TimW MajorGeeks Administrator - Jedi Malware Expert Staff Member

    You're welcome! :)
  5. baklogic

    baklogic The Tinkerer

    aidon80 - We all hope TimW cheered you up- It's good to get it off your chest, and I rolled up, at TimW's answer- made my day , too. :):D
  6. aidan80

    aidan80 Private First Class

    Definitely did haha!
  7. legalsuit

    legalsuit Legal Eagle

    TimW is often succinct with his responses which always make me smile.
  8. TimW

    TimW MajorGeeks Administrator - Jedi Malware Expert Staff Member

  9. Hamm

    Hamm Private E-2

    I have all but stopped buying at Newegg. High prices, and Slow Processing. How hard is it for someone to grab something off a shelf and put it on a belt to the shipping Dept? I'm not paying extra for that.
  10. Replicator

    Replicator Private First Class

    The problem being the left hand often cant rely on the right hand doing its job.....if you know what I mean?
    This is an issue all modern internet supply companies must deal with today.
    Some do it better than others, and Newegg are lagging like a congested, infected Win7 machine.
  11. aidan80

    aidan80 Private First Class

    I hope NewEgg can fix their supply/demand issues. It'd be nice to have some competition to Amazon. I still prefer NewEgg's site layout when picking out parts I just hate that if I don't order on the weekend or early Monday I won't see my stuff for a week. Maybe I'm being too demanding but if I pay for Rush Processing and I get the exact same Processing as Non Rush.. is that not a bit of a con?
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  12. TimW

    TimW MajorGeeks Administrator - Jedi Malware Expert Staff Member

    You could always try TigerDirect.
  13. the mekanic

    the mekanic Major Mekanical Geek

    Or Fry's.

    I penned a nice letter about my purchase of a Nintendo Switch for Christmas from NewEgg. The deal stated the Hyperkin and Nintendo Pro controller were free, but it still added up to $479 instead of $379 (MSRP) if the extras were "free". So, now I have a $100 gift card.

  14. csfalcon

    csfalcon Private E-2

    What sites are the best alternatives to NewEgg now? I suppose I've been pretty lucky (though I always specify items only sold by them, not their network of distributors - maybe that is where some people have issues sometimes?)
  15. the mekanic

    the mekanic Major Mekanical Geek

    Fry's Electronics
  16. wile e coyote

    wile e coyote MajorGeek

    It is a con i never picked over night shipping or rush processing.Due to the fact they are both con's.If you pick over night shipping not only do they charge you more.But sadly it's not over night.Dam cheap Skates.Don't get me wrong i like new egg.But if i buy some thing there i never pick any thing higher than 2 day shipping.
  17. aidan80

    aidan80 Private First Class

    Yes my three day shipping was closer to a week with "Rush Processing".. more like Take Your Time Processing lol.
  18. the mekanic

    the mekanic Major Mekanical Geek

    I guess I'm fairly spoiled. If the part ships out of Newegg from Edison, NJ two days is a long time for it to reach me. Sometimes it depends on how close you live to a hub as well.

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