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nforce driver GONE

Discussion in 'Software' started by brandontrujillo, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. brandontrujillo

    brandontrujillo Private E-2

    Hi there I finally got my new video card and wanted to fresh install the latest nvidia driver. I went to wipe out all the old crap and I accidently cleared out ALL of my nvidia drivers (including my chipset driver) and now my keyboard and mouse don't work on the windows login screen.

    evga 780i motherboard

    I think i did this once before and found the solution but now I can't find it. I am looking for the correct way to use the recovery console on the windows xp boot disc to copy the system folder to my hard drive so windows will use default drivers so i can get back into windows and reinstall the forceware drivers (15.25 or whatever) ...
  2. dlb

    dlb MajorGeek

    WinXP drivers for nVidia 780i chipset (32bit): http://www.nvidia.com/object/nforce_winxp_15.25.html

    You should be able to get into the BIOS and make sure that 'legacy USB support' is enabled and/or that USB keyboard/mouse support is enabled. Then boot to Windows in Safe Mode. If you wait about 2 minutes at the login screen in Safe Mode, the USB drivers should 'kick in' and you should be able to proceed to the desktop. Once the KB/mouse are working, reboot in Normal mode and you should be OK. Alternatively, using a PS2 keyboard and mouse would be fine. I use a USB keyboard and USB mouse as my primary devices, but I also have a PS2 keyboard and PS2 mouse in my stash of extra PC stuff just in case I should need 'em, it's like keeping jumper cables and coolant in the trunk of your car. I strongly recommend to EVERYONE using USB keyboards and USB mouses (mice?) as their main input devices to have a PS2 keyboard & mouse on hand for situations like this, especially if using a wireless keyboard/mouse. Anyway, more info about using the Recovery Console can be found at the following links:
    http://support.microsoft.com/kb/310602/ (this link may or may not be of any help :confused )
    Good luck! I hope this helps! :-D

    (BTW- you can get a used PS2 keyboard and mouse at most thrift stores for under $5 each, or a new generic PS2 KB/mouse for under $12 each at any PC store)
  3. brandontrujillo

    brandontrujillo Private E-2

    ok well i will try waiting for those drivers to "kick in" and what not but as for the PS2 mouse and keyboard they do not work i tried that already. i completely deleted the drivers and nvidia screwed up on this one but it is a noob mistake so it really is my fault.

    I am looking for the commands i need to put into the recovery console when i have it up to tell the cd to copy some files to my system32 folder on my hard disk.

    they basically rename ur system folder to something else and copy the system folder off of the windows xp installation disc and put it in your windows folder on your C:/ drive .... I know its out there because i had to do it before and i did find one place that had it but it was missing a part or something and it didnt work

    ... anyways if you guys don't know thanks anyways for trying i know i probably just have 2 reinstall for such a dumb mistake...

    woot @ majorgeeks =)
  4. dlb

    dlb MajorGeek

    I found this info which looks like it's exactly what you need, also take a look at this link and scroll down to the 7th post (it's by Gary Thorn). It outlines how to repair the drivers using the recovery console.
  5. brandontrujillo

    brandontrujillo Private E-2

    Somehow through all of that i got it to work i had to unplug my mouse to get the keyboard to respond at login and then replug my mouse after windows finished loading...

    So thanks for finding that for me because it worked and after all that i saved my files and just reinstalled XP so i wouldn't have to mess with it anymore.

    Thanks for the help and major geeks = 2 thumbs up

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