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No Audio Device...

Discussion in 'Software' started by DKO, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. DKO

    DKO Private E-2

    I just did a clean install of XP Pro on my G/F's comp. It is saying No Audio Device, but all devices are "working properly".

    The sound card is built in on a QDI Superb4LE board

    It's a P4 Celeron

    any help would be great.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. eyeblazin

    eyeblazin Private First Class

    Try to reinstall chipset drivers for Mobo. Should have a disk but may want to check Manufacturer website for updated drivers. Although it should be ON by default check bios and make sure onboard sound is ON
  3. DKO

    DKO Private E-2

    nothing worked I am gonna repair the install and see.
  4. DKO

    DKO Private E-2

    okay i have the following installed

    SiS7012 Audio Driver(RedHat kernel2.4.x)

    SiS7012 Audio Driver(v1.12d)

    AC97 Realtek ( This says the excuteable has been corrupted) its a majorgeek file. so i dont get it

    still no audio device,cant update or reinstall driver.:mad:
  5. DKO

    DKO Private E-2

    also getting the error" the driver was not installed because the name is in use either as a file or as a service"
  6. eyeblazin

    eyeblazin Private First Class

    Please post system info
  7. DKO

    DKO Private E-2

    well My g/f turned on the comp this morning and the found hardware popped up, tried the usual again and it worked:eek: (very strange), so thanx eyeblazin for watching my post.
    All is good........for now. lol
  8. eyeblazin

    eyeblazin Private First Class

    NP Good Luck :)

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