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No audio in Toshiba Portege m600 m600 laptop

Discussion in 'Software' started by vijj, Sep 5, 2009.

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  1. vijj

    vijj Private E-2


    I am using toshiba portege m600 xp laptop and recently i have re-installed xp in my latop and i am facing problem with the audio driver.I have installed realtek sound driver still there is no sound.
    Attached is the report from everest.
    Please help.

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  2. jblim1980

    jblim1980 Private First Class

  3. dlb

    dlb MajorGeek

    :wave Welcome to Major Geeks! :major

    You're running SP2 so the info in the link provided above by jblim1980 does not apply. First, uninstall your current sound driver. Restart the PC and cancel the Hardware Wizard if it opens upon Windows reloading. Download the Microsoft UAA HD Audio Update KB888111 from this direct link. Install it. The Hardware Wizard might open again while KB888111 is installing. If it does, just cancel it again. Download the Realtek HD audio driver from this link and install it. Restart the PC when it's finished. That should do it!
  4. vijj

    vijj Private E-2

    Hi Both,

    Both the options are not working.
    I not getting any message though.

  5. jblim1980

    jblim1980 Private First Class

    my bad.. maybe your on board soundcard is defectve already
  6. vijj

    vijj Private E-2

    How can i check if the on board soundcard is okay or not?
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