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no ip address

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by kris pyro, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. kris pyro

    kris pyro Private E-2

    i have xp home, i recently moved and now i cant get on line with the same isp. i have managed on a couple of occasions, but after leaving computer turned off for a day or so i have no connection again. i have turned off the firewall and looked at the settings for the lan connection. unpluged modem and rebooted cputer.i have tried a repair and it says the network did not assign a network address. ip address is the default 169. i have tried ipconfig,release, renew. and still fails. at my previous location i had a wireless router installed for a laptop? suddenlink tells me its a windows issue.. any help would be appreciated. kris
  2. kris pyro

    kris pyro Private E-2

    just the other day i had them on phone twice with little luck, so you say call them back again?
  3. kris pyro

    kris pyro Private E-2

    ok we'll do,
  4. kris pyro

    kris pyro Private E-2

    didnt work , refered me to microsoft
  5. kris pyro

    kris pyro Private E-2

    when i got back home this morning from fire station, after leaving my modem off for over 24 hours my internet came on after pluging it back up. something seems to be blocking it from communicating through the modem? if i shut it down i think it will not get back online. the nic card shows to have no conflicts and working properly

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    Last edited: Jun 8, 2008
  6. kris pyro

    kris pyro Private E-2

    yes, no router any longer
  7. kris pyro

    kris pyro Private E-2

    when i talked to them they said on several occasions that my modem was visible and had good signal strength. i even hooked up my laptop and was able to get on line. but the other PC would not.

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