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not connecting

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by geekedittilitGHz, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. geekedittilitGHz

    geekedittilitGHz <i>puto cum grano salis</i>

    i have a linksys wireless router and a microsoft wireless adapter for my laptop. I can connect to every network except mine. It says my network is secure but it is unsecured and it has no network key. when i try to connect it says windows is connecting you to "linksys" and stops at "aquiring network adress and just keeps saying that. it doesnt freeze it just stops. PLZ HELP!
  2. geekedittilitGHz

    geekedittilitGHz <i>puto cum grano salis</i>

    never mind just unplugged and replugged and its works fine!:)

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