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notebook pc and printer (not wireless printer)

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by lmhjcr, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. lmhjcr

    lmhjcr Sergeant

    I recently got a notebook computer and I had no problem installing the software (updated driver naturally) for the Samsung Laser Printer to my Vista Home Premium with SP1 notebook computer.
    I plugged the usb cable into the notebook (notebook already turned on when I plugged in the usb cable) and turned on the printer and then installed the driver (as instructed by samsung) and all went well, I then did use it without any problems.

    However, the next time I needed to print something from the notebook computer I again plugged the printer into the notebook and turned on the printer. The notebook recognized the printer so I thought that all was fine. However, when I went to print something it gave an error. I then realized that in the printer folder it now shows the same printer twice. The original icon for when I installed it (which was selected as the default) and the same printer with the words (copy 1) underneath it.
    Also, underneath the name of the printer (initial icon) it now states error.

    I was able to cancel the print job and then go to print and select the (copy 1) of the printer and print what I needed to print.

    However, now I have the same printer listed 2 times in the printers folder and I am guessing that each time I go to plug in the printer to use it the same thing is going to happen again.

    I still use this printer with the desktop pc and would like to be able to continue to use it for both the desktop and notebook pc. Short of going out an buying a wireless printer to use with the notebook is there any way around having this happen each time I want to print something from the notebook. (besides - I really don't have the space to put another printer)

    Any suggestions?

    Also....can I just delete on of the printers listed in the printer folder and if so which one?


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