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Numpad 0 key works on and off. Why?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ShaolinFist, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. ShaolinFist

    ShaolinFist Private E-2

    About a month ago I started noticing problems with my numpad's zero key. I have a PC, so its a full out keyboard, no Fn key required.

    The zero key seemed to be working some of the time, but not others. I first noticed it in microsoft excell, but then also started noticing it carried over to other programs, like my web browser and a few others. The zero key would sometimes function and sometimes not. By that I mean if I opened the program at 3 PM, the zero key might not work at all, but 6 hours later it would. This only occurs in some programs - in others it still worked 100% of the time. If I hit numlock, the insert key still functioned 100% of the time, even when the zero key did not.

    As a last resort, I figured that maybe it was just an issue with an old keyboard. So I went out and bought a new top of the line one and since day 1, I'm having the same problem.. so it can't be that.

    I really like using my numpad for numbers and tend to go to it a lot, so this lack of the zero key is really upsetting me. I can't imagine why just the one key would function on and off. Normally I don't restart my computer very often, just leaving it on. So the functionality of the key has nothing to do with restarting and then all of a suddon it works. It'll just go in and out randomly. When it does work, every key press produces a zero - so its total functionality is on and off, not 'works every other press' kind of thing.

    Could it be a virus? Or what? I'm so confused and googling and posting on other sites has gotten me nothing. Please help!
  2. usafveteran

    usafveteran MajorGeek

    Are both the old and new keyboard the same type (PS/2 or USB, wired or wireless)?

    What virus protection are you using?

    I'm wondering whether the same problem would occur if you had a USB numeric keypad.
  3. ShaolinFist

    ShaolinFist Private E-2

    The old keyboard was PS/2, the new one is USB and neither wireless. As far as virus protection, I'm using Avast! at this time.
  4. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member


    Weird indeed, would have thought originally a broken key but as you used another KBoard then it has to be software-ish, only think off hand apart from malware is that Acessability option maybe on and causing this so check the below.

    Control Panel > Accessibility Options > Mouse > uncheck Use MouseKeys > Settings > Use MouseKeys When NumLock Is (select Off) > Apply > OK
  5. ShaolinFist

    ShaolinFist Private E-2

    By pure chance, I just this moment figure out what my problem was (I hope). So this can be marked as resolved, or locked, or whatever is the norm for this forum.

    I watch a lot of anime and listen to a lot of music, using VLC player as my main. While watching something today and playing with an excell document, my zero wasn't working, but I noticed text was appearing on my VCL player whenever I hit the zero key... Apparently the numpad zero is set up as a hotkey for something on my media player, but for some unexplainable reason it still functions as a hotkey even when the media player isn't my active window.. how bothersome.

    Sorry to take up your time!

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