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Only google sites not working?

Discussion in 'Software' started by Synthetik, Nov 14, 2007.

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  1. Synthetik

    Synthetik Private E-2

    Hello everyone, new to the forum. Hopefully some of you can help me. I have had no problems with my laptop for loggin onto the internet. What I have recently noticed is that I cannot access any of the google sites. I have access to everything else, but if it's a google site, like google.com, gmail, google maps, etc., they do not load. It says there is a connection problem, or that the site is not responding. I know for a fact they are working because I just checked at work. Any idea? I checked my settings to make sure they weren't on the block list, but nothing. Not going through proxy. This access is from my home. I tried doing a virus scan, nothing. Did the spybot search and destroy, nothing, adaware, nothing. I have my gmail account set up to my outlook 2007 as an IMAP, which this still works. I can send email through outlook, but can't access the gmail website. Any clues? Thanx

    Dell Insp 6000
    Windows XP Service Pack 2
    Live One Care
    IE 7.0
  2. pclover

    pclover MajorGeek

    Try this Start>>Run>>Type in CMD>>When the black box comes up type in ping Google.com. Wait for it to send the 4 packets. If it says Reply 4 times that means you can ping the google.com server. If not your ISP may have blocked Google which I would donut. Also try another browser. Like FireFox. See if that helps. If you don't have fiefox get it here Also it may be malware related but your av is not picking it up.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2007
  3. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

    If you are in the US and put in the address bar can you get an English google search page?
    If that comes up, click on more and you get to this page
    which will link you to gmail.
  4. And21ob

    And21ob Private E-2


    Did you manage to sort your problem out and if so, how?

    I'm experiencing exactly the same with my desktop pc, with the message "The server at www.google.[whatever] is taking too long to respond". My laptop next to it however is happily connecting away, without any problems.

    I'm running XP on both with Sygate and all the same security software.

    The desktop is connected to the wireless router with an ethernet cable, whilst the laptop is wireless (i've tried both wireless and get the same). I've flushed caches, dns, run spyware, antivirus and rootkit checks galore.

    I've spent literally days over a two month period searching the web, without success :cry

    Last edited: Feb 7, 2008
  5. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member

    Hi Please start new thread as this one is a few months old ( original poster has not been on the forum also for a few months so your question may fall on deaf ears ), and if needed reference this thread in your post.

    Always best to start a new thread as many who may help skip old threads at times.

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