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Order form

Discussion in 'Software' started by iamien, Jan 6, 2003.

  1. iamien

    iamien Cptn "Eh!"

    Ok this is a bit funny i guess :)
    I play Anarchy online a Lot. In an Organization Called the Mockers. be basic do orders for people. atm we have people place orders with us on the message board. what i want to set up is some kind of order form that does this

    Takes order <easy enough in HTML>
    enters order into a database. something like Lvl of the item name of person iteam time order was placed.

    Have it so that org members can check database and view it in grouping of anything from lvl of iteam to time placed.

    Form i can do easy. i just have no database experience. what kind of language should i use to create a database that can do this. or ap rogram <freeware or cheap>. Our Server can suport PHP/PERL

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