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Password Recovery

Discussion in 'Software' started by transporter, Apr 2, 2005.

  1. transporter

    transporter Private E-2

    Hi all , I need please a password recovery for Windows XP sessions , because my brother has an Administrator Session and i have Limited , and he has it with password.I wanted to know if theres any way to know wich is the password , because with Limited , I cant do nothing , but no a tool to change the password
    I want to SEE the password , im the little brother :( , and i need 1 who dont needs to be instaled on Admin.

  2. tux2460

    tux2460 Private First Class

    sorry, but if it isn't your computer and your account you are trying to get the password for, helping you in this would technically be illegal, as is my understanding.
  3. transporter

    transporter Private E-2

    why ilegal=? its my pc , and i forget pass

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