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Pc crashes when starting game.

Discussion in 'Software' started by ArchoN, May 15, 2012.

  1. ArchoN

    ArchoN Private E-2


    I bought a new system like 3 weeks ago.
    When i start a game (dirt3,Skyrim,SaintsRow3) my screen sometimes turns into green (sometimes red) vertical stripes and my pc shuts down after a minute or so, but the sound of the game plays in the background.
    Can anyone tell me what kind of problem i'm having here?

    System Specs.
    -MSI z68-g45(b3)
    -I7 2600k
    -Asus hd 6950 2gb
    -16gb ram
    -650w PSU
  2. rman0099

    rman0099 Private E-2

    You may want to take a look at your windows error log and see what critical errors are occurring when you start the games. It could be something as simple as a corrupted video driver/direct x. At worst, it might be an issue with the graphics card on the laptop.
  3. ArchoN

    ArchoN Private E-2

    Most of the times the games run fine on my pc, but when it happends it really pisses me off.
    My windows error log in critical log tells me i have a kernel-power error (number 41),
    I already installed directx 11 and the games most time run fine.
    If you people know how to fix this please give me some info about this problem.
  4. Nedlamar

    Nedlamar MajorGeek

    I'd say it's an issue with your Graphics card.
    First I would uninstall and clean reinstall it.
    Also check it's free of dust.

    Also a little more detailed info would be helpful.
    Do you run any games fine?
    How random is it or is it specific to each launch of specific games?
  5. ArchoN

    ArchoN Private E-2

    When i look at my devices its says that my graphic card is running correct.
    Dust is no problem either.

    Skyrim runs almost always fine, but dirt 3 crashes almost always (vertical stripes) but in windowed mode it crashes 2 times out of 5.
    Saints row 3 doesn't work 2 times but the 3 time it works fine!
    I haven't any other games now, but if you can give me programs to check if my graphic card is broken, i would appreciate it.
  6. ArchoN

    ArchoN Private E-2

    Uuh guys,
    My pc doesnt start windows at all..
    It says boot mgr missing.???

    I had no problems with temperatures.
    Couldnt find hardware acceleration in my bios.
    I also got my stripes when watching a movie in fullscreen.
    I got latest drivers installed

    And yes these were illegal games for testing the system.
  7. ArchoN

    ArchoN Private E-2

    Hello guys,
    I fixed boot mgr error.
    I got my graphic card out of the system and im gonna return it for warranty.
    Before i send the card to the company, i will test if the games will start with intel hd 3000.
    If it works, i will send the graphic card back(2-3 weeks...).

    Thanks for your help!
  8. Nedlamar

    Nedlamar MajorGeek

    Just be aware that some games, especially newer ones might not fire with the Intel card due to a lack of power in the card.
    If the card cannot run the game it will often just not fire or sometimes you can fire up to the menu but will crash when attempting to enter game.

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