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PC-DL - Raid not working on Pri Raid 1

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by 34742, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. 34742

    34742 Private E-2

    I had this PC running till I tried to install another HD -forgot to turn on system restore to get a restore point :eek: just in case I made a boo boo. :rolleyes:

    This server is used for Video capture, DVD backup and because it's a dual processor, I can rip and burn movies and surf at the same time. Sure was nice to have. :)

    I have wiped the HD's clean and reinstalled them and the RAID 0-1 drives are not beeing seen by the PC. I have also turned down the OC to do this. These are 2x WD PATA 120gb HD's. The other is a 1x WD SATA 80gb hd. Other one took a dump that I got from Ebay (becareful) Going thru the boot up, the Fast Track see's the HD and loads in the bios for them. Since screwing the PC up, I have not made any changes in the bios - figured that it'll work as before. But no more.

    Any help is greatly appeciated.

    Right now they are hooked up to the 2nd IDE and are just std drives and I would rather not use them this way.

    Asus PC-DL mobo, 2x 1.6LV ghz @ oc'd to 2.89ghz, 4x 512mb DDR400, 1x 80gb WD SATA, 2x 120 WD PATA, WinTV250, generic 8x AGP, Antec Lanboy case, DVD rom, Ben Q dvd R/W

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