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PC doesn't recognize external hard drive

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gtgauvin, Jan 26, 2008.

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  1. gtgauvin

    gtgauvin Private E-2

    I've got a problem that I just can't seem to wrap my head around. I've got a custom-built PC with an Asus K8N-VM motherboard, and it doesn't want to read my Hitachi external hard disk. I got it to work for a few shining moments a couple weeks ago, but couldn't quite get it to function afterwards. I have no idea what I did to get it working, as I was running the Traditional Chinese version of Windows XP at the time. As this OS had been giving me no small amount of trouble ( and also, I can't read Chinese), I bought and installed the English version this week, assuming that the non-twitchy English version would solve the problem.

    It didn't. When I plug the device into the two front USB ports, I get that USB Device Not Recognized message in the lower right corner, and it shows up as an Unknown Device in the Device Manager. When I try it in the four ports in the back, I get no message whatsoever and nothing shows up in the Device Manager. In neither case does the extra memory show up in the Disk Management menu. It's not a problem with the USB ports; they work just fine when I plug in my memory stick or my digital camera card ( in fact, they work even better than they did when I had the Chinese OS). The external HD works fine when I use it on my laptop ( also running XP). I'm at a loss. Anyone out there have any idea what could be causing this?
  2. ibbonkers

    ibbonkers First Sergeant

    this is what I found
    My external drive is not detected in Windows XP/2000 (and displays a yellow ! icon next to it in the Device Manager)
    If your external drive is not detected in Windows XP/2000, it is always a good idea to check the Disk Management and Device Manager.

    Right-click on My Computer.

    Click on Manage.

    Choose Disk Management from the left column.

    Try to find the external drive in the lower window. It should be "Disk 1" or some other number (but not Disk 0).

    Then choose Device Manager from the left column.

    Choose Disk drives.

    If the drive is not seen there, check under Universal Serial Bus Controllers (if the drive is connected via USB). The drive should appear as a USB Mass Storage Device.

    If a yellow ! icon is displayed next to it, double-click on the drive.

    A Properties window will appear and will probably say "This device is not working properly" and will give either (Code 28) or (Code 10).

    If Code 10 appears, the drive has most probably failed. Verify by trying the drive with another USB cable or port, or on another computer. You can begin a drive replacement order online.

    If Code 28 appears, you will need to test the drive on another computer. If the drive works fine on another computer, there are a few steps to follow:

    Open a Windows Explorer window (right-click on Start > Explore).

    In the address bar, type c:\windows\inf and press Enter.

    Right-click on the file INFCACHE.1.

    Select Properties.

    Click on the "Security" tab.

    Click "Edit" to edit permissions.

    Click "Add" to add Group or User name.

    Delete the file.

    Reboot and the file should be rebuilt, correcting the problem.

    If that fails, you will need to try to reload the USB drivers for the operating system by inserting your Windows install CD, rebooting, and attempting a Repair/Restore.
    Warning! This can be dangerous to your data and you should disconnect your external drive before attempting this.
  3. mrobles61

    mrobles61 Private E-2

    I found and easier and sweeter solution: to disable firewire 1394 connection and reboot. It seems it's an SP3 issue. Worked for me nice and easy.

  4. mcadam

    mcadam Major Amnesia

    Old thread, I'm sure the OP has found a solution.
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