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PC doesnt recognize other PC's on the network.

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Meastro444, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. Meastro444

    Meastro444 Private E-2


    i have a strange (kinda) problem with our network at home: my computer is hooked up to the network through a network card and router. on that network there are 3 computers, one which is mine. my pc cannot 'see' the other 2, and they cannot see mine. strange thing is, internet works just as fast, and LAN-games work too.

    some side info:
    -XP SP2 Pro
    -drivers installed correctly (from the new network card)
    -i did use the network wizard to connect to the network.


  2. studiot

    studiot MajorGeek

    Are they in the same workgroup and have you enabled file & printer sharing?

    Windowskey + pause/break > network identifcation tab.
  3. Meastro444

    Meastro444 Private E-2

    yep, filesharing is enabled, and the computers are in the same workgroup. i cant see the pc's in the my networklocations program. i cant see the computers at all.
  4. studiot

    studiot MajorGeek

    What about network places in windows explorer?

    Fully expand the tree.

    Does your router have a firewall and can you get to its control page?

    for instance with a BT 2wire router you have to set up the network on the router as well.
  5. Still Learning

    Still Learning Private First Class

    I have a similiar problem, I have 3 PC's on a network that share files but can not net send commands or see them on the same net work ( the other user accounts currently online)

    Is is because all the software OS's are win XP home?
  6. studiot

    studiot MajorGeek

    Not sure I follow but for the benefit of both posters

    It should not make any difference which version of Windows you are using for simple (called peer to peer) networking.

    The router will distribute the internet (or games which act like the internet) separately from any workgroup network set up.

    The internet connection and the workgroup are different and separate things although they use the same ethernet (or wifi) connection.

    Each have their own settings so it is possible for either the workgroup network or the internet to function without the other.
    It is however reassuring if one works because that suggests the hardware is OK.
  7. Still Learning

    Still Learning Private First Class

    I see, how do i add users to a workgroup or create one? I thought i allready did, but when i goto CMD and type net users when they are online i do not see there id's to other pc's on my lan. Ive heard that it will not work until i put the net start command in CMD in the other PC's also. Net messenger?

    All 3 PC's have login ID's. all on win XP home, can only share files thats it, i would like to make it where i can send net msg's to each other in CMD or see other PC's on the network. Only way I know how to do that is RDP, which wont work home edition to home, only pro to home, need to install Tight VNC?
  8. Meastro444

    Meastro444 Private E-2

    now i have to hijack my thread back.

    about the router: i believe it has, but i cannot acces the router via this pc.
    the network places in explorer? i dont know about that, can you explain it please?

    some more info i forgot to mention:
    network used to work, but it all of a sudden stopped, i just dont know when and with what i did. is there something that has to start up on the beginning, which i accidently could have switched of? i used the msconfig --> startup tab to stop some software starting up at the windows boot.
  9. studiot

    studiot MajorGeek

    @Still learning

    workgroup information was in post #2

    You are trying way too complicated things, if you need basic help start your own thread as maesto says.


    Only got 'classic view' currently available but here's a screenshot. Does it help?

    Attached Files:

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  10. Meastro444

    Meastro444 Private E-2

    nop, doesnt see them either...

    i know that function too, but i thought you was referring to IE ;).

    i do have an educated guess
    : it has to be a windows related problem.
    1. just started occuring
    2. other LAN dont work either
    3. new bought a new network card for it, doesnt work either.
  11. studiot

    studiot MajorGeek

    So what does My Network Places see?

    If you have your workgroup correctly set, it should at least show the workgroup and the computer your are typing on, if not the others.

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