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PCH online games lock out

Discussion in 'Software' started by Skysarge, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Skysarge

    Skysarge Staff Sergeant

    The family here likes to play online games through Publisher's Clearing House.
    Last few months, about once a month, the site quits responding.
    PCH responded to my inquiry that I needed to clear cookies on my computer and load all over again, then sign back on to their game site.
    Before I could figure how to do all that, we were able to sign back on as if nothing had happened. Now it has stopped responding again.

    I run XP pro on a clone, with Mozilla OP.

    I did a quick check on several sites, to include other PCH sites, and have no problems. And, if this cookies aspect is the problem, why can I sign on successfully for weeks, then suddenly I cannot get logged on, and then I am able to sign on again? My reasoning is if something is wrong with my system or whatever, I would stay locked out.:banghead

  2. Skysarge

    Skysarge Staff Sergeant


    Queried PVH, no response as of yet Games are back up and family here is hard at play.
  3. Skysarge

    Skysarge Staff Sergeant

    It only took about three inquiries to get a response from PCH
    Cleaned memory, cache, cookies and all is well in gameland. Even managed to get g'kids to let me play a couple. Glad they don't live here.

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