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Persistence Module Problem

Discussion in 'Software' started by AMark, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. AMark

    AMark Private E-2

    I am having a problem with my Windows XP.
    At start-up a Persistence module window appears and it says that it has encountered a problem and it needs to close.
    The error report contains the application name: igfxpers.exe
    What should I do to repair this problem?
  2. joelsz

    joelsz First Sergeant

    igfxpers.exe is an executable file that works with Nvidia video adapters. It provides them with additional configuration options.
    In non-geek-speak that means, this program allows your video card to operate differently than was originally intended by the manufacturer.
    It may allow your computer (for example) to use different image resolutions.

    It is considered a non-essential program and you should be able to use your computer fine without it.
    Once you clear the error does your computer seem ok?
  3. joelsz

    joelsz First Sergeant

    Here is a post that you should read.
  4. AMark

    AMark Private E-2

    Hi joelsz.
    To answer your question, yes, once I close the error message the computer is running fine.
    I read the link that you attached and I changed my resolution to the native resolution 800X600. However, this did not get rid of the error mesage.
    If I don't want to terminate this program do I have to live with this error window at start-up?
  5. joelsz

    joelsz First Sergeant

    Is there a particular reason that you want to keep this program?
    Is there any reference to it in your startup routine?

    If you're not sure, you can:
    Start>Run type: "msconfig" (without the quotes)
    Click the Startup tab and look for references to igfxpers.exe
  6. AMark

    AMark Private E-2

    I did as you have recomended.
    That is, I have disabled igfxpers.exe at Startup in the System Configuration Utility and the computer seems to be running fine.
    Thank You for your help joelsz.
  7. joelsz

    joelsz First Sergeant


    If at anytime you do have a problem that requires you to have this program run at startup, you can undo your change in msconfig, by simply re-entering it and re-checking the box.
  8. freeonacloud

    freeonacloud Private E-2

    please before I spend any more money on suggested programs that don't help, I need a way to figure out how to repair ' damamged disks' I have AVG free editon right now and they said buy their better program and it will repair my damaged disks. does any one know any way I can do these repairs with a sure thing that will work before I invest in yet another program.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2012
  9. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

    freeonacloud, welcome to MajorGeeks. Please start your own thread by going here: http://forums.majorgeeks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=21
    and clicking the New Thread button near the top left.

    You also need to state the version of windows you are running, including service packs and explain exactly what you mean by damaged disks (any error messages, windows fails to boot).

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