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personal recommendation or exprience

Discussion in 'Software' started by Steve1982, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. Steve1982

    Steve1982 Private E-2

    Hello, I’ve seen many posts related to the nds game series. “Mario Kart 、New Super Mario Bros. 、Metroid Prime: Hunters、Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney” are classic games i like.
    I recommend those rookie game players to seek sth details from some game websites or forums in terms of relevant game device purchase and game playing.
    Currently, GBA and NDS game have been precedentedly prevalent among young play generations. Apart from view update news and features from DS game official website:ninjads.com,you can view other nds game websites: such as,
    “gamespot.com”, “mediagamer2.com/en/ ”
    You can find many update comments or features on nds games& parts.

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