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Phillips 48in 1080p HD tv line

Discussion in 'Software' started by m0u5y, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. m0u5y

    m0u5y Private E-2

    I've done a lot of research and nothing really has helped me so far.
    The first time the line appeared (it's vertical starting from the bottom, about 4 inches up, a pixel wide with subpixels that alternate white and dark blue and show up only on light colors except for the tv's blue screen) I tried everything to get rid of it, tapping it, pressing it in carefully, with TV on and off, unplugging stuff, installing new firmware etc... It was there for several months and then POOF! it dissapeared, for about a month. We were so happy because there is no way that we will have the money to fix or replace the TV. I'm still unemployed and have even canceled my cable (internet FTW!) TV because I need to save money. So, now the same exact line is back. I will post a picture later once I can get on my computer.
    The only thing that could have triggered it was maybe me turning on an old VCR that seems to have a short in it and keeps turning off making it difficult to play tapes. I just disconnected the VCR completely just in case it did trigger it. Is it possible?
    I also already tried using several programs that flash colors quickly over the pixels overnight and nothing changed. It would be nice to know what triggered it, since it did dissapear for a good month before. I'm hoping it will dissapear again. If I had known that HD TV (at least that's what I got from reading tons of other posts about this issue) would fail not even a year after purchase, I might have waited longer and not spent more money on a TV than I did buying my car (then again, a cracked radiator is worse than a line on a TV!). I just hope the TV doesn't end up failing all together.
    If worse comes to worse, and you guys think it needs replacing, I will just have my boyfriend get Phillips to replace it (suprisingly possible, many people have done it by being VERY persistent and angry :p).
  2. Wojski

    Wojski Private E-2

    Is the line always in the same spot or does it move?
    If it is always in the same spot than it most likely is a bad connection in a panel. There really is nothing you can do about this - if it is still on warranty then have the Philips guys replace the set or refund the money. The other possibility is that this may be a result of a moisture change - say you have a flower hanging above your tv and every so often some excess water falls on the tv.
  3. m0u5y

    m0u5y Private E-2

    It's in the same spot. Hopefully it will disappear again. Worse of all, now I realize how boring my living room is since I have no plants in my apartment at all. :(
  4. Rikky

    Rikky Wile E. Coyote - One of a kind

    I'd get it replaced,your fully within your rights to have it replaced if you've had it less than 3 years.
  5. m0u5y

    m0u5y Private E-2

    Ok :).

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