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Position a Flash Popup

Discussion in 'Software' started by LukusWesley, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. LukusWesley

    LukusWesley Private E-2


    I'm about 2 months new to flash. I am a computer programmer but have never worked with flash before. I bought a flash template to use for my wedding website because I didn't have much time to put something together.

    My Question is this.....

    Here is a sample of similar action sript... I don't have actual code b/c I'm at work and its at home

    _root.TM_title ="Case Study";
    _root.READ = 3;

    NOW, on release of the 'button' this code is executed... my question is how in the world do I choose the position of the pop up window! HERE, I'll show you what I mean..........

    Here's my site...

    on MAIN page... click on the bigger pictures on the right... they open up even bigger in a popup.. using similar code as above. Notice: The windows open up at the low end of the screen, partially off.... How can I position the guys higher.

    I've researched this... I found something mentioned about this....

    Not sure how I would use that with the action script above... if there is an easier way, that would be good too!

    THANK YOU IN ADVACE FOR YOUR HELP.... I realize you will get to this when you can.... but invitations were sent out yesterday... and people will probably be accessing the site tomorrow, hopefully not today :)

  2. LukusWesley

    LukusWesley Private E-2

    Just a thought.. unfortunately I can't try it b/c I'm at work and not at home...JUST MAYBE i can go to the 3rd frameset
    and position the whole thing based on X / Y axis. I used macromedia flash 8 and I know in properties it allows you to position things based on x / y axis... Just don't know if I could do that for the whole popup??

    If not... ignore this one and let me know the real answer :) Thanks!
  3. LukusWesley

    LukusWesley Private E-2

    I 'think' I've found the answer.
    THINK is the key word here....

    I believe this will do the trick...
    _root.scroller._x = 100;
    _root.scroller._y = 150.7;

    _root.TM_title ="Case Study";
    _root.READ = 3;

    I can't be for sure till I get home from work this evening to test it... but I'm pretty sure this will do it! I think that is setting x / y for where the window will pop up on the screen!!

    Thank you again for your assistance... If this does indeed fix it, I will let everyone know!

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