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Power Problem - Win MCE 2005 HTPC

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by crockett, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. crockett

    crockett Private E-2

    Hi all - first post here.

    Built an HTPC this past weekend (my first do it yourself pc).

    After some probs getting my wintv 250 to work right (windvd codec solved this) i finally got my new media center pc working last night and was all psyched to be able to record tv etc. Powered down my PC last night and went to bed (windows shut down).

    Came home from work 2day, hit the power button, and nothing happened. No sign of power loss (i.e., clocks all had right time in home) during the day. Other peripherals (speakers, tv, cable box) pluged into the same power strip / surge protector all had power and worked fine.

    Opened up the case, mobo shows power (green light on board). turned on and off the power supply - hit power on PC, power light on PC shines, but no boot, no turning of fans (not even on power supply).

    Took apart PC - ensuring all power cables were connected properly. Looked to see that there were no errant screws or anything of metal that might be shorting things out. put the pc back together and still the power light on the case works and mobo lights up, but no power any where else.

    Then selectively took power out of cd and tried to power up -- nada. Same w/ hard drive (thinking maybe 1 piece of the puzzle was faulty).

    In any event - I'm at a total loss as to what I should do next.

    Power supply seems to be working, or else the mobo and case pwr light wouldn't work -- right??? Could it be the mobo is faulty? Maybe the power switch?

    What do you all suggest I do to eliminate faulty components?

    Anyways -- any thoughts or suggestions will be most appreaciated.

    Here are my specs (if it helps)
    mobo - intel perll (or something like that)
    cpu - intel p4 2.8 800fsb
    psu - ultra 400watt
    dvdrw - benq 8x
    hd - wd 200 gig IDE
    sound - old turtle beach santa cruz
    tvcap - hauppage wintv 250
    vid - ati aiw 9600
    case - silvertech lco1

    thanks again -
  2. ASUS

    ASUS MajorGeek

    Next thing I would do is reset CMOS/reset mobo.
    then when you power up if you can go to bios make any necessary changes to settings.
    When mobo has been reset most mobo's return to default settings, which are not usually the best settings.
    If that dont help
    Make sure your power button on your case is connected properly to the mobo.
    Test the power supply.

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