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PRINT SCREEN on German Keyboard

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by smurph, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. smurph

    smurph Specialist

    I bought a german keyboard on ebay by mistake, and am trying to figure out the "print screen" button, hope someone can help....
  2. bigbazza

    bigbazza R.I.P. 14/12/2011 - Good Onya Geek

    IF the German layout is the same as the English layout, it should be the 4th key in, from the right, in the very top row of keys. Or next to F12 (function key) if it is a modern keyboard.

    Google came up with this link.

    I know there is a method of translating languages using Google but I can't remember how. :eek:

    A program you can download is at http://www.babylon.com/affiliates/l...88&WT.srch=1&gclid=CKWc18Gx-owCFRFBhgodOTuA8g
    Text Translations in 75 languages, all in a single click.

  3. smurph

    smurph Specialist

    Thanx 4 help.
    It is a MS Wireless Elite Keyboard with german layout (and text), and I believe I can tell which is the print sceen key, same as what you indicated, though it doesn`t function.
    I had done a free translation at www.freetranslation.com, where "print screen" translates to "Druckschirm", of which "Druck" is on F12 key and "Druck S-Abf" on the key next to F12, neither work!
    Your google link is useless, please don`t insert unless of some use, only provides a wild goose chase!!
  4. bigbazza

    bigbazza R.I.P. 14/12/2011 - Good Onya Geek

    Sorry about the google link. Just trying to give you other options, that might help you investigate further. Bazza

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