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print troubles

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by acejones, Apr 16, 2003.

  1. acejones

    acejones A Different Title

    Our print server is NT 4 sp 6. We have 3 RICOH Aficio 350e printers. Whats happening is the printers won't always print. The queue shows the print jobs with an Printer busy error. So what I do is go to the printer, pull the network cable, pull the power cable, put the network cable back in, and put the power cable back in. Then I wait a few minutes and it prints a network config sheet. Then a user can print again. It doesn't happen to all 3 printers at once. In fact, one of the printers hardly ever goes down, while one is almost always not printing and the is every now and then. The printer guy says he can't find anything wrong with the printers, but sometimes we don't have any problems. Is there a way I can find out whats causing our printers to not print?
  2. King

    King Private E-2

    I had a client with the exact same problem with a 350e. I had a HP JetDirect 170x external print server with me so I set it up on that instead of the internal one. It worked great for a month and they ended up buying it. It might be the same type of problem, if you have a external JetDirect, or a router with a built-in print server, you might want to give it a try on your most problematic printer and see how it does. Good luck.
  3. Draith

    Draith Private E-2

    hey guys.

    actually, this happens with me too. We have a d-link wireless router/print server. the printer connected to it is itself an HP Officejet G55 (still with a direct connection to another computer). If the printer's been on for a while, someone trying to access it from the print server needs to turn the printer off and on again before their document will print.

    I wonder if this has anything to do with your problem as well. I've just learned to cope with it, but i don't like doing that sort of thing...

    o Draith
  4. acejones

    acejones A Different Title

    well, i've coped with it for over 2 years now, and I hate it. we've called service techs to come look at them, and they say there is nothing wrong with the printers. bad thing for me is I believe them. so that means there is something wrong somewhere on our network, and I don't want to go hunt it down. oh well.
  5. goldfish

    goldfish Lt. Sushi.DC

    how are the printers set up, they got built in print server in them?
    you tried using an external or plug it into a computer instead?

    EDIT : okay they said that already, so what!
  6. acejones

    acejones A Different Title

    they are networked printers. they were setup before I started here, but I think they run straight to one of the switches. they are installed on one of our servers. so when I setup the printer on the computer, it will print fine. but after a while, it quits printing, like the network settings time-out on the printer and need to be reset. but the printer tech support guy says there is nothing wrong with the printer(s).

    we have 3 of these:

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