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Printer not recognizing cartridge

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by jnavarra, May 15, 2011.

  1. jnavarra

    jnavarra Private E-2

    I have a Dell 3100 cn color laser printer. I have always used recycled ink cartridges and they have always worked right away. The last time, however, I tried to replace the old Magenta with a new one and it would not let me. Thinking it was a problem with the cartridge, I sent it back and got another. Same problem: the printer gives me an ID Error message. When I take it out and put the original back in, the printer works. Any ideas?
  2. abekl

    abekl First Sergeant

    Did you change brands of cartridges?
  3. jnavarra

    jnavarra Private E-2

    No, I have been buying the recycled type from Ink Technologies and never had any problem before. Someone at work mentioned if the encoded chip in the cartridge could be at fault? Could I switch chips between the one that works (the empty one) and the new one without causing damage?

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